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Differences Between Ariel And Caliban Essay

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Ariel and Caliban are both servants but this doesn’t mean that they wont have any differences. The most major difference between them is their relationship and attitude towards Prospero. Also they have different characteristics, and in the book they represent two different and opposite things. These differences between the two servants may affect people’s thoughts and feelings about the two characters.

Ariel is the air spirit as well as being one of the servants of Prospero. The reason behind Ariel being Prospero’s servant is that Prospero saved him from the tree that he was trapped in. Since the day he was saved, the only thing he wants is to be set free. It can be known that Ariel is a male because, in the book he is referred to as a male such as “Ariel and all his quality” or “Enter Ariel … claps his hands…”(Shakespeare). Ariel does most of his jobs by changing shape and being in contact with people in that form. Caliban is the earth spirit and he is the second servant of Prospero. He is oftentimes called a monster, such as “This is some monster of the isle four legs…”(Shakespeare). Caliban is Sycorax’s son who was the evil witch. For this reason Caliban thinks that the island is his own. He is never willing for the jobs he do and he always complains so he is controlled through magic, which is done by Prospero. So, because of these reasons Ariel and Caliban have different characteristics even though they are both servants.

As it can be seen from the characteristics of the two servants, they have some differences. These differences not only affect their characteristics but also their relationships with others too. In the book we can see two servants with different relationships with the same person who is Prospero. As it can be predicted from their characteristics, Ariel and Prospero have a nice and a well going relationship but this cannot be told for the relationship between Caliban and Prospero. Both Caliban and Prospero are stubborn which makes their relationship even worse. Ariel is always kind towards Prospero and he does everything he is supposed to do willingly and without complaining. While doing his jobs, Ariel patiently waits to be set free. Ariel is loyal to Prospero because he saved him from the tree, which Sycorax captured him in. So, because of his characteristics and his will to be free, Ariel has a warm and lovely relationship with Prospero ("Spark Notes"). Unlike Ariel, Caliban is furious and never kind or compatible towards Prospero. He claims that the island is his island so he doesn’t want to be a servant and always tries to refuse doing the jobs he needs to do but Prospero uses magic to make him do the things he is supposed to do. They always argue mostly using severe comments about each other. This cannot be seen between Ariel and Prospero. They mostly almost never use bad words for each other and Ariel never says that he wont do something that Prospero told him to do which eliminates the...

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