Differences Between Lives In Solingen And Phoenix

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Differences between Lives in Solingen and Phoenix

As I arrived at Phoenix in September of 1999, I was very excited to see this famous city and it's country and to get to know everything about it. But with the time I realized that Phoenix is not more different than my town in Germany, Solingen. It's a not a big city but it is a very beautiful one with many small streets and small houses around them. I had even the impression that the life in Germany was more exciting than in Phoenix. Now I'm living in Phoenix for over one year and I can say now that there are many differences between those two countries which had a big influence at our further lives. I'm talking about differences which you can't notice if you go there for a vacation, you have to go to those countries to live there for some time and then it's possible to say what the differences or similarities are.
One of the differences between Germany and the USA is the heat. The heat in the US was at the beginning simply to hot and dry for me and I was not used to live with such climate. The hot weather outside didn't make it easy to do something else. I couldn't stay outside in the sun even for a few minutes. In the first two months, the most of the time I was sitting at home watching TV. Even in the evenings the heat was still there so you were not able to go outside. Sometimes I had the feeling that here are only 2 times of the year: summer and winter. In Germany on the other hand, the climate is very varied. There are all four seasons of the year. In the middle of the year you can expect nice weather and on the end and the beginning it's mostly cold. In summer you are able to go out in the evening because is getting cooler outside so it's perfect to go out.
An another reason, why these two cities are different is the size of them. Phoenix is very big and scattered. the stores or places where you could have go out were pretty far away from our apartment. Mostly I needed a car to go out somewhere. The buses are stationed only on few places and they arrive in very long intervals. So after a time, we realized that we had to buy a car. In contrast to Phoenix, during our time in Solingen, we used the car mostly for longer trips. The whole city was connected with bus lines and they were coming to the bus stations every ten minutes. If we had to go somewhere in the city, we used mostly the buses. We saved our gas money and were there always on time.
While in Phoenix you have problems to find the time to go out with your friends, in Solingen, I was most of the time able to plan something at a short time. Every day after the school, I went to the downtown of Solingen with some friends or alone and we were walking through the streets full of stores and joking around. I did this almost every day in the week. On the weekends there were many places to go out with friends like many clubs and cafe's in Solingen or in the bigger towns next to us like Dusseldorf or Cologne. This cities are...

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