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Differences Between Living In A City And Living In A Countryside

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Everything always has two sides: the front side and the back side, or the positive and negative one. And so does living in a city or living in a countryside. While people living in a city enjoy job opportunities and convenient services of trade, health and entertainment, people living in a countryside gain a better living environment. For one thing, people move to a city for job. A big city usually offers more jobs than a countryside does. In a countryside, most people do farming which is seasonal. In Mekong delta, for example, farmers usually do two crops a year: the Summer-Autumn crop and the Winter-Spring crop. Between them is a gap when they are suppose to do nothing, especially when the flood is coming. In addition, not everyone has fields to cope with. These people have to wait for someone hiring them to do something, and of course, it's unstable. On the other hand, it's not too difficult for one to earn a living in a city. For ones who have not got a certificate, there is still work for them such as riding a pedicab, being a porter at coach station or harbor, or selling something that does not need a big capital. For ones with degrees, a big city is the place for them, of course. This is because a lot of offices, companies, factories, groups… are located in big cities, not only the internal ones but also the ones coming from many countries over the world, not only the state-owned ones but also the private ones. In Ho Chi Minh city, for instance, ChoRay hospital, Sacombank, Vietnam Airlines, National University, VUS, etc. always attract masters, doctors, engineers and bachelors. In addition to job offering, people who live in a big city also enjoy a more convenient and perfect services of trade, health, and entertainment than those in a countryside. In a countryside, people usually have to cover a long distance to get things in the local market which is poor in products. Also, it is time-consuming for them to have a health care, especially for those who can only travel by boat. Moreover, they rarely watch a movie in a cinema, simply because there is no cinema there. On the other hand, people who live in a city can freely choose products from a super market not far away from their...

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