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Differences Between Modern And Traditional Societies.

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In "Characteristics of Traditional Societies", the writer describes eight characteristics of values and beliefs for traditional societies. The beliefs that they have are different than modern societies. Some are the exact opposite. It shows how different these societies are and why they behave in some ways. An example of the difference between modern society and traditional society is that traditional societies do not believe in progress. "What is missing is the idea that progress is usually (or always) good or desirable and a veritable duty or obligation of man. What is also missing is the idea that history shows that progress is a fact" (41). Traditional societies lack the need for progress. This society does not believe that progress helps people and can improve their way of life. Modern societies strongly believe in the need for progress. Modern societies always strive to become stronger, better and more advanced. They believe that evolution helps society. People evolve to better suit their environment. Modern societies believe changes are good, and change helps a society grow. Traditional societies do not believe in that; they are missing that belief.I disagree with the author of "No More Moon June: Love's Out". I believe that to be in a marriage two people have to love each other romantically and passionately. They have to have prior experiences together. Without love, a marriage would not work out happily. The two people would be miserable for the rest of their lives or they would get a divorce. I think that the reason for most divorces id that people do not know how to work out their problems with each other. They do not know how to communicate clearly. Also, they do not want to face their problems. Most people in...

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