Differences Defines Romeo And Juliet And Pyramus And Thisbe

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Differences set people apart in many ways. However, these differences can destroy or build, it all depends on how the contrasts are introduced to the situation. As true as this is with individual people, it could quite possibly be even more true with poems and stories. Genres could variate in types of story, but overall, the connections are obvious. Poems and mythology can connect with differences and similarities just as easily as a person can fight from different characteristics of themselves. In particular, two stories, Romeo and Juliet, and Pyramus and Thisbe show these connections. The play The Tragedy of Romeo and Juliet, by William Shakespeare, and Pyramus and Thisbe, by Ovid, there are numerous differences and similarities, such as the “suicide of love,” misconception, and genre.
To begin, each couple of the two stories committed suicide in the idea of their love being dead, which brings up the characteristic “rash.” Rash is when a character immediately assumes the worst and takes immediate action without considering other options. In Romeo and Juliet, Romeo takes away to the tomb and finds his wife, Juliet, dead in appearance and immediately consumes the poison given to him by the Apothecary. In some movies, the irony is revealed further by Juliet eyes opening as Romeo speaks his last words, “Thus with a final kiss, I...die (Act V:iii)” In Pyramus and Thisbe, the tragedy occurs with the supposed death of Thisbe. With the assumption she’s dead, Pyramus kills himself, only for Thisbe to return to find him dead, then she takes her life also. Even in the case of the murder weapon, the girls both take their life with a dagger.
Secondly, the misconception of the lovers’ cause of death causes ultimate irony of the climax in the play, revealing the phrase “bad timing.” In the tomb, Juliet lies in sleep, cold; appearing as death overtook her. Then, Romeo enters...

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