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Differences In The Woodland Ecosystem As The Result Of Different Management Strategies

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Differences in the Woodland Ecosystem as the Result of Different Management Strategies


In this piece of work, I am studying the hypothesis, "Differences in
woodland ecosystems are the result of different management
strategies." This means the way woodlands are managed affect the

Places like Bishops wood, need to be looked after and carefully
managed, if they are to remain attractive. Bishops wood is very large
park and attracts over 90 million visitors a year. People who work for
the park are experts in planning, conservation and land management.
They help to care for the landscape and look after the needs of
visitors. They are also concerned about the people who live and work
there. There are two types of woodlands in Bishops wood; they are
coniferous woodland and deciduous woodland.

The four types of management strategies are:

Habitat:Involves taking care of the woodlands, and managing them for a
particular reason.

Estate:Involves looking after the whole area, and making sure its safe
for visitors and animals.

Recreational: Looking after and providing a enjoyable, and safe
environment for visitors.

Educational and community: Educating the community about woodlands and

There are only two types of management used in the coniferous
woodland. They are habitat and estate management.


Walking through the coniferous woodland, I noticed the method
Brushing/felling was used, to let more sunlight reach the ground,
through spaced out branches. Brushing/felling causes a lot of pine
needles to fall; this is why leaf litter found in the coniferous wood
was 95% more than the leaf litter found in the deciduous woodland.
Spaced out branches lets more rain reach the ground, leaving the soil
damp, enabling 32% moss to grow on the ground.


In the coniferous woodland there were warning signs, to prevent
visitors from entering unsafe areas. There were also fences
surrounding the park to prevent people littering, and to stop animals
from escaping...

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