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Differences Of Human Beings Essay

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Through centuries, as the essential human distinctions; reason, intelligence, understanding, memory, biology and consciousness had been hold. However, it seems now that consciousness is the last stronghold of human kind. But might animals also have some elements of this qualification? Many researches and psychologists seek to find out the answer of this question. After dozens of experimental process, some of them started believing that animals have most requirements so as to be called as conscious but there are still some researches and psychologists who believe animals only have self-awareness and this is not enough to be regarded as conscious because they are not able to empathize with each others. However, after taking the actual prerequisites for consciousness such as overcoming different problems, being aware of oneself and others and understanding that others also have mental states and thoughts into consideration, consciousness also is not the essential human distinction.One of the signs of consciousness could be problem solving abilities and in the process of comparing this ability, it can not be assumed that only human animal has this qualification. In order to clarify this assumption the perseveration concept should be examined. Obeying one command and then performing the same action even when a different command is given ( is called perseveration. Perseveration might have an efficient role so as to derive the problem solving abilities of human animal and animals. That is because in order to deal with a problem, in order to get rid of a problem, problem must be evaluated in different perspectives and being perseverative might prevents both species from having a this sort of ability. According to neurobiological studies, "...the ability to overcome [perseveration] in the prefrontal cortex, a part of the brain that is much enlarged in humans" ( Are our primate cousins 'conscious' 2). This might be a significant and valid clue while examining the human dimensions of problem solving abilities. In fact, in the frame of the present conditions of human animal it cannot be neglected that he has the ability of problem solving and he is not perseverative. For instance, man has always succeeded to improve himself because he has been aware of the past and he knows that doing something that was concluded with negative results in the past does not provide him with growth or development. This might explain the desire of human kind in order not to be perseverative. The accomplishments both in his environment and living conditions of human beings are the apparent proof of man's potential for growth and development and this property reveals that man responds to the same problems in different ways and he is careful not to fail for same problem encountered with in different times. These accomplishments are thanks to perseverative ability of human kind. That is because if he has not been equipped with this qualification he...

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