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Differences of NTC360 TermsIntroductionThe classification of topologies plays a huge role in the transmission of data. The topologies that I will discuss are Mesh, Bus, Ring, and Star. Moreover, the discussion will also include information on the differences of Ethernet, Token Ring, FIDDI, and wireless networks. Within the discussion of the topologies will be the advantages and disadvantages of each type discussed. Furthermore, I will discuss the levels of the OSI Model and TCP/IP functions.MeshMesh topology is a way to route data, voice, and instructions between nodes. In addition, mesh topology the most secure of all topologies because whether the links are broken or blocked, the connections will jump from node to node until the end has been reached. The main advantage of mesh topology would be if a cable somewhere on the network is broken, the network will not completely fail. The disadvantage of the mesh topology would be the expense of the extra cabling requiring as opposed to the other topologies.BusA bus topology consists of a server at one end and the client PCs that connect with distinctive areas of the network. The streaming data that are being sent down the network passes through each computer. The advantages of the bus topology would be that it is inexpensive and easy to implement and extend. On the other hand, a disadvantage of using bus topology would be that it is not easy to administer or trouble shoot because there is no central point from which all PCs connect on an equal basis. Moreover, while coping with high rates of data transmission from one PC to another, it cannot cope as well when data transmits from several machines at the same time. Furthermore, the bus topology requires a limit to the cable length, and number of machines that can be connected; if the cable is broken the whole network will fail.RingA ring topology is similar to a bus network, however, the ring topology requires no server as each PC handles its own applications and shares resources over the entire network. Moreover, the ring topology gives each machine equal priority because there is no central point. An advantage of a ring topology would be that each machine has equal chance of transmitting data and there is minimal impact on performance as more machines are added. The disadvantages of ring topology would be the difficulty to add machines to the network because there is no central point from which to connect them. Furthermore, another disadvantage would be if one machine goes down it could cause the whole network to fail.StarStar topology is a central server or switching hub from where all the machines are connected. Star topology is the most common network layout for Local Area Networks (LAN) and is the most flexible topology. Star topology is very easy to add and remove machines without affecting the performance. An advantage of a star network is a low specification twisted pair cable is all that requires for...

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