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Our perception on how we think the world should work is often filtered through our upbringing and experiences. It is when we open ourselves up and look at life through someone else’s eyes that we come to embrace that those who are different from us and do things differently are not misguided. After moving to California from Chicago, I’ve come to learn that most times it’s actually quite the opposite.
I am originally from the Midwest, and I perceived the way things were in Chicago is how it was in other parts of the United States until I moved to California. I blame it on the mere ignorance of my youth. One of the things I noticed immediately after residing in California for some time is how distant people were from one another within a community. See, in Chicago I was acquainted with most of the families within my neighborhood; as a matter of fact we were like family. I can’t recall a day that I didn’t walk out of my front door and did not speak or hold a conversation with someone on my block or the next. Yet, in California it seemed as if people in my new neighborhood would intentionally rush inside their homes to avoid speaking to each other. I couldn’t differentiate if it took too much energy to stop and hold a conversation or if they just didn’t like one another. On the other hand, as I began to settle in I became aware that it was a way of living for many Californians. Now, I could try to give some type of reasonable hypothesis for it, such as: In Chicago there aren’t many extracurricular activities for the youth, neither is there a lot of boys and girls clubs, and there is not a lot social clubs for adults. Therefore, it is easily understandable why it was important for people to build lasting relationships within their communities because all they had were each other. However, the longer I observe people’s way of living in California, particularly in Oakdale; they are always on the go. They are either leaving or...

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