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Differences Between City Life And Country Life

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City life and Countryside life are two different ways of living, having its own advantages and disadvantages. The significant differences in city and countryside life are social opportunities, culture, sources of entertainment, and quality of life. Moving in the fast paced city life was difficult for me after being raised in a country area for 14 years. Thus, I can say that I have witnessed the best and the worst of these two worlds.
One of the significant differences I noticed is the social opportunities that are not feasible in the countryside towns. Many people prefer big city life because of the opportunities they see in the cities. People living in cities find jobs easily because of the corporations and industries. Cities have more competition which sometimes leads to a low cost of living. The other factors that contribute to the low cost of living in the cities are easy transportation, generic job availabilities, and other benefits provided by the government. Because of the low transportation facilities, and less job availabilities, country people experience high cost of living.
On the other hand, it is difficult to find jobs in the countryside areas because people mainly are farmers or owns and manages small businesses. The educational opportunities also play a significant role in attracting people to cities. There are more opportunities available in the cities after high school compared to the students living in the country area. Unlike country schools, it is hard to develop student-teacher relationship because of big class sizes in the cities.
Cultural diversity is the other main difference people notices in the city and country life. City life is culturally diverse because of high population. People from countryside less adapt to the cultural diversity because of low...

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