Differene Between Downward Communications And Upward Communication

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According to Certo (1992), communication is the creation or exchange of thoughts, ideas, emotions, and understanding between sender and receiver. It is essential to building and maintaining relationships in the workplace. A communication occurs between senders toward another sender. There are few steps in the process of the communication. Diagram above shows the step taken in the process of the communication. The first sender will create a message that they wanted to send to the other senders. According to Certo (1992), a sender uses words and symbols to put forth information into a message for the receiver, the individual receiving the message. Messages are then received and decoded or interpreted by the receiver. Decoding is affected by the receiver’s prior experiences and frames of reference. Accurate decoding of the message by the receiver is critical to effective communication. The closer the decoded message gets to the intent of the sender, the more effective the communication. However, environmental and personal barriers can hamper the communication process. To ensure messages are received as intended, feedback is a necessary component of the communication process. The receiver creates feedback to a message and encodes it before transmitting it back to the sender. The sender receives and decodes the feedback. Feedback is the destination’s reaction to a message (Certo, 1992). It is an important element of communication since it allows for information to be shared between the receiver and sender in a two-way communication.
There are two types of communication channel that is verbal and non-verbal communication. Verbal communication relies on spoken or written words to share information with others. Dialogue is a form of verbal communication. It is a discussion or conversation between people. It is a process in which participants are exposed to new information. The process involves a series of meetings of organizational members that represent different views on issues of mutual interest. According to Edgley and Robinson (1991), in order for dialogue to be successful, there are several fundamental principles that need to be done such as engage motivated people, use a facilitator and recorder to manage the process, have the group develop procedures and live by them, ensure confidentiality, let the process move at its own pace and don’t try to rush it, focus on understanding the issue and not on developing an end product and also allow time to get to know each other by having dinner before, during, or after a meeting. Successful dialogue between group members in an organization enhances communication. Another one, is non-verbal communication. Nonverbal communication is sharing information without using words to encode messages. There are four basic forms of nonverbal communication like proxemics, kinesics, facial and eye behavior, and paralanguage (Nelson & Quick, 2003). Territorial space and seating arrangement are two examples.
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