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Different And Diverse A Peak At Illinois Wildflowers

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Different and Diverse- A Peak At Illinois Wildflowers

Fascinating and elegant, wildflowers in Illinois can take your breath away with their beautiful characteristics and radiant colors. They can be found all over in Illinois, and maybe in locations you would never think of. All of these wildflowers are very diverse and different. The kittentail and purple false foxglove for example are different yet interesting wildflowers located in Illinois. More wildflowers would be loosestrife and the sunflower; both of these flowers can catch your eyes in moments with their beautiful appearance and neat history. Lastly, the pokeberry and goldenrod wildflowers are diverse but also very intriguing flowers that will surely interest you. Unique and diverse are only some words that can describe these radiant wildflowers, and they all combine to make a more beautiful and more diverse Illinois.

Kittentail Physical Characteristics

The kittentail is a very delicate and interesting flower. Even though it’s scientific name is Besseya bulli, many people refer them to be called kittentails. They are grown and produced in prairies of rolling hills and green grass. The stalk of this wildflower is hairy and small, along with a green color. The leaves are an oval shape, and the upper and lower surfaces of the leaves are different shades of green. The upper surface of the leaf is a darker green color, and the lower surface is more of a light green (“Kittentails” para. 1). The inflorescence, the producing of blossoms, of these flowers are small and their size ranges between two and six inches. Clustered along the spike or base, the flowers are facing different directions, giving the flowers a full and voluminous look. Underneath each flower is a bract, which is a leaf growing at the base of the flower. It is in a lanceolate, or spear head form (“Kittentails” para. 2). Each of the flower heads have a two lipped corolla, an inner envelope of the leaf, and they are usually yellow. The outermost part of the flower, is known as the calyx. The corolla is about five millimeters and is longer than the calyx. The upper and lower lips of the corolla are unlobed, or divided (“Kittentails” para. 3). On each flower is an exserted stamen, or the pollen bearing part of the flower. Lasting only about three weeks, blooming season arrives during mid-spring and ends in early summer. The flowers usually bloom from the bottom and work their way up to the apex, or the tip (“Kittentails” para. 4). Once the flowers have bloomed, they are replaced with two celled seed capsules. The capsules hold producing seeds in the case known as the sporangium.

Kittentail’s Essentials to Grow

During the kittentail’s time of spreading and producing new seeds to grow, they spread and form colonies in familiar areas (“Kittentails” para. 5). In order for kittentails to grow as healthy as they can be, they need a sunny, dry place to grow and develop. They also need acidic soil to help them transform into a...

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