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Different Appeals In Advertiserment Essay

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The first of the appeal that I found in most ads is "The need to nurture". In the ad 1, a lady is sitting on the chair and holding a huge dog. Beside them, there is a small doggy sitting on the floor. Also, the color of the chair, the clothing of the lady and the background are based on the color of the product. The small dog is the same dog as the picture show on the product. This situation show to people the product can help them if they want their dog become stronger. Also the headline states every dog wants to be a "cesar" dog. This mean their dog food can give enough nutrition to their doggy to become stronger. Their main purpose is to convince that their dog food is the best for your dog. Ad 2 is an advertisement for Barilla's penne pasta. On the ad its shows a picture of a healthy, strong and smiling kid with a plate of the pasta in front of gives us the thought that our kids or whoever eats the pasta will love it and be happy too. This smiling kid gives us a dose of positive energy and making us have a really good feeling about this pasta even though some of us never tried it before. Giving us the motivation to try it. Another big part of this ad is the title, which said " pasta packed with protein power" its written in red and bold letters. It's also right on top of the smiling kid. Making us think that it really is true, and that its the best pasta. The main purpose is the ad is to convince the readers that you should buy their brand of pasta. The last ad i found is also about dog food. The first thing I saw when i looked at this ad is the headline and thees pictures of animal. In the headline the ad said, They may look tough, but they're really sensitive. Sensitive to what they eat! Under it are pictures of two dogs and a cat. They all look really tough. The ad used a little pun to get the attention of the readers. Under that are a list of basic information about the product. Like why they created the product, whats in the product and whats not. Me as a reader, i feel like its necessary to read all these words and i would get bored. But some may be interested in knowing whats so good about this product so that it's worth buying. On the very bottom of the page, there are pictures of the product, it shoes that it comes in many forms and its available for both cats and dog. Next to it, is the website of the product in case people are interested in learning more about the product. All of these ads are showing the appeal of "The need to nurture". The target audience of these ads are who has pet or children. And they need something which can help their pet or children grow up healthier and stronger. Therefore, they use the appeal of "The need to nurture" to emphasize the effect of their product to the reader.The second appeal that I found in some of the ads is " Physiological needs". Although this appeal is clustered in different appeals such as sleeping, eating, and drinking. But this appeal is mostly used for food. This appeal makes...

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