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Description of each biome . . .Tropical rainforests are hot moist communities often located close to the equator. Tropical Rainforests receive anywhere from 60 to 160 inches of rain during the year. There warm climate and humid weather house a diverse group of plants and animals. There are over fifteen million different plants and animals in this environment. Deserts of consist of dry arid land that receives little to no rainfall each year. There are many types of deserts. Some like the Sahara desert are extremely hot while the Takla Makan is rather cold. Deserts are often perceived as vast regions of sand. Some deserts are made up of mountains and rocky cliffs. Temperatures during the day are very high but as the moon rises there is a sudden drop in temperature. All of these factors make it very difficult to survive in a desert climate. Taiga experiences cold winters and cool summers. There is a good amount of rain. During their long winters Taiga often receives snowfall. The Taiga area stretches across the northern hemisphere. They are evergreen trees, shrubs, and forbs growing all over this biome. Bogs are often formed after it rains due to the deep depressions in the ground from glaciers of the past.The tundra is the simplest biome in terms of species composition and food chains. There is a low temperature and very little biotic diversity. Tundra's have short seasons of growth and reproduction. Energy and nutrients are in the form of dead organic materials.Located mostly in Africa, the Savannahs consist mostly of tall grasses and few trees. There is a dry season and a wet season in Savannahs. Large animals can turn a forest into a Savannah by smooshing the vegetation in a particular area. Grasslands are large areas with rolling hills of grasses and wildflowers. Grasslands are found on every continent but Antarctica. Sometimes grasslands are called prairies, savannahs, or steppes. The roots of the grasses and small plants make the soil rich and great for farming. Some of the grasslands are used for animal grazing, too. There are 3 types of grasslands. Tall grasslands have very tall grass, up to 5 feet tall, and they get almost 30 inches of rain a year. Mixed grasslands have grasses that grow around 2-3 feet high. This kind of grassland gets about 15-25 inches of rain in a year. The third kind of grassland is the short grasslands. This type of grassland is almost a desert. It has very short grass and only receives 10 inches of rain each year."Deciduous" means to fall off, or shed, seasonally. Just as the name implies, these deciduous trees shed their leaves each fall. The leaves then decompose in the soil creating important nutrients for the land. The land in the Deciduous forests are very fertile. They also experience a warm and cold season.Coral reefs are shallow costal zone marine ecosystems, which form in clear, warm coastal waters of the tropics and subtropics. There is a lot of diversity in this biome. This high...

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