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Various Birth Processes Throughout The World

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The pregnancy experience for each woman varies drastically from the health of the mother, to the environment she lives in and where she will give birth will have an influence on her pregnancy process as well. Many countries all over the world have traditions that have past down for generations, and many of them are still followed today. Although advancements in medicine is more readily available, cultures and traditions can out weight them in many parts of the world. In
In Japan, woman strive to give birth without painkillers, which may relate to a Buddhist perception of suffering which states that labor pains are a test which must be endured by a woman to prepare for the challenging role of being a mother (Schalken, 2014.) There are a growing number of doctors in Japan that are now in favor of recommending epidurals for patients, to ease the birthing experience. There are woman who are taking their doctors advice on epidurals, but many still will not consider this option due to traditions that date back centuries (Schalken, 2014.) On the other hand, in the South American country of Brazil, c-sections have become most common. According to the International Cesarean Awareness Network, the overall rate of c-sections is 40 percent, and even up to 100 percent in some private hospitals (Schalken, 2014.) This may largely be contributed to the fact that doctors and hospitals wanting to receive higher payments from insurance agencies. Since a cesarean procedure may be performed within an hour, may doctors see this as time saved compared to a long labor and delivery method. Also, Brazil has a very strong doctor-patient relationship in which the patient would be less likely object to the doctor’s recommendation of a c-section (Schalken, 2014.) Since 1998, the Brazilian government has been able to reduce the percentage of cesareans in hospitals drastically by stipulating that hospitals with a c-section rate above 30 percent would no longer be compensated for procedures above that number. (Schalken, 2014.)
Women through out North America have more options available to them. Most of this has to do with the amount of information they have at their finger tips. Even if they may not have insurance that will provide them with regular doctors’ checkups, they still have educating material available to them online as well as in public libraries. Many women in North America have the right to choose what they feel would be best for them as well as their child.
Many off the differences though out the world simply have to do with the culture. Although women in Japan may increasingly have the option of...

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