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There are a lot of excellent colleges around the world, and all they were meant for giving preparation to everyone who wants to become in a professional. I had a college experience almost 10 years ago; I got a Cuban college degree in Special Education. Being a college student was a very nice and demanded experience in my life. Now I am taking college classes again. The experience is different because I got older, but it still being great. If I would have to say which one of these colleges is better, I could not give an exact answer. However, there is something that I can strongly affirm; going to college in the U.S is quite different from going to college in Cuba.
The first difference between going to college in the U.S and going to college in Cuba is how classes are organized. In the U.S colleges, classes are divided by periods of about four month each one. These periods are called semesters, and each semester has its own name such as Fall, Spring, or Summer. In addition, students have the option of picking which and how many classes they want to take during each semester, and they can even pick their schedule. Classes have a duration time of fifty minutes with ten minutes of break between them. Also, the classes have predetermined classrooms. Students have to go to the classroom which corresponds to the class they have to take. In contrast to classes in U.S colleges, classes in Cuba colleges are organized in a different way. In Cuba college classes are divided by periods of nine months which are named as First Year, Second Year, and so on. The Cuban college students do not have the opportunity of picking their classes. There is a study plan, which is equal for all students. Like in the U.S, there are in Cuba’s college classes ten minutes of break between them, but the classes have a duration of ninety minutes. In Cuba college students do not have to look for their classrooms because they have the same classroom for all classes. Differently to U.S, Cuban professors are who move around buildings looking for their groups.
The second difference between going to college in the U.S and going to college in Cuba is the facilities for the students. In the U.S, college students have full access to Internet which makes easy the search of information. They can access to Internet from their homes, colleges, or phones. Also, every college has big libraries, which are generally open from seven A.M to ten P.M. In addition to college’s libraries, there are many local libraries always stocked with a big amount of books which are often new editions. Full access to internet and enough amount of good libraries give to students the most actual information about topics that they matter. Although the amount of...

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