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Different Cultures Essay

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I was born and raised in the west part of Africa, a continent that everyone even African see as poor, sick and invisible in intercontinental relations. But since I was ten years old I started coming to the United States to spend my summer with my family. I could see soon enough that we didn’t have the same culture or the same point of view on what family was. I used to think that American culture was the model that the entire world should follow but then I realized that the African culture I most of the time compare to archaic was a better model.
Younger I thought that everything that American people did was the good thing to do, to follow and to apply. I thought that the united states were ...view middle of the document...

The thing is society made them who they are. The lack of knowledge and of money made them who they are in this unhuman country. The moment that made me change how I see Americans happened one day at a bus station. I was going back home after a long day. While I was waiting for the bus I was also listening to music to spare time. There were a lot of people waiting for the same bus as me. it was a cold day and I was sitting on a bench with other peoples. An old lady was standing up because all the spots on the bench were occupied. So I stood up and proposed her to sit on my spot. She smiled and thanked me. I was so proud of myself for helping that I began singing out loud. Even though there were other old people standing up nobody wanted to give their seats away. I was shocked by that because front seats on front of a bus are usually for elders so all I could think of was why weren’t they giving their seats up? Are they waiting for a law to be signed? Or stickers that would say ‘’leave your seats to seniors’’? But that was nothing compared to what I was about to witness. A woman that wasn’t looking so good passed right in front of us. She looked sick. My attention was taken away from her by the arrival of the bus I was waiting for. And as I was going to get on the bus, that sick looking lady fell. I was terrified. I started asking myself some question like What? Why? And as I was talking to myself my feet reacted and took me next to her and when I was about to help her get back up someone stopped me. it was the bus driver. And he asked me what I was doing and I answered that I was helping her to get back up. He asked me why and if I knew her. I replied ‘’do I need to know her to help get back up?’’ and he said ‘’sir, please, step aside’’. Two things shocked me. First of all, he told me to step aside but still didn’t do anything to help her get up and second nobody else at the scene tried to help her. Eventually after maybe thirty seconds she got up and walked away. After seeing that I couldn’t stop saying to myself if this happened in Africa everyone would be around her trying to help her out.
When the bus started moving I was thinking about my continent that people called irrelevant, and poor....

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