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Different Education System Within Different Setting!

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Student life within different Education Systems!!Looking back at the first ten years of my academic life in Vietnam and my personal observations to our American Education system, I was able to compare and contrast the two different education systems, the cultures, and aspect of students lives.The first factor is that the developing countries are different from America. In Vietnam, citizens didn't have enough opportunities because most families are poor. For example, Vietnam students can't get a hold of government help for financial aid or even loan programs. Because most jobs are full time or just lack of jobs in general, due to high living cost at college and university most Vietnamese students stop their study. Government roles play a big part in educational systems. American belief that school is a control place versus other cultures have different beliefs as the Japanese values in the interaction in the large group or the Vietnamese is to means to transformation their country (Preschool in Three Cultures). In Cultural Production of the Educated Person, chapter ten discuss that present the hegemonic ally which means the power force in the education as to more control and only the elite will rule or lead the future generation to come. A Levinson idea was the Federal Program like Head Start.The Vietnamese Education system and "structure" are somewhat the same as America Education System but it is seems to take longer time to get their degrees due to social obstacles and challenges. The structure goes like this: primary equal to five years at between the ages six through eleven, lower secondary is equal to fours years and age range from eleven to fifteens, upper secondary is like high school here but age between sixteen and eighteen. Finally, higher education equal university and colleges. In the end, students' journey to university was harsh but graduating in a developing country could still led to unemployment. There are no corporations or business investment and undeveloped countries.Second, at every level, there are schools that are private and public in an American Education system to benefit their students. Public schools are supported by the government and get money from taxes that people pay; private schools are not supported by the government and must raise money for themselves. Many privates school are connected to religions groups. For example, the Catholic Church has many schools. According to Eckert, in Jocks and Burnouts I found her reading to be very similar to how my American high school as territory and activities. Our school was territory as to a safe place for students to meet other people and to be themselves. What I notice is that our school had more diversity than other "white dominant" schools. There was more than one language spoken at school like: Spanish, Japanese, Chinese, or Korea, and so on. Our high school main icon was a warrior similar to Native Americans at University of Illinois. I believe that Native Americans...

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