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The Antichrist is a man similar to what we may see everyday. He is dangerously contemporary, and a mighty demagogue. The Antichrist could be a young man with a strong personality and seductive power of speech and writing or an old man who resembles your loving grandfather. Christians are correct in their belief that Lucifer was cast out of Heaven and into Hell for attempting to rebel against God One must ask why God would then allow him to leave Hell and come to Earth and bring misfortune upon humanity. Satan is the personified concept of evil, and the jealous enemy of people. Satan is not in Hell and probably spends most of his time on earth, seeking to destroy the lives of human beings and to keep them separated from God. Which brings me to my collage which I named, “Different Faces of the Antichrist” and Stefan George’s poem, “The Antichrist”? My collage sheds brightness on certain detailed aspect of the poem with understanding the literacy and visual aspect of Stefan George’s poem. I present his poem with a sense of insight with downfall of misconceptions, followers of the antichrist and lastly understanding of why the Antichrist exists.Every decision a person make everyday is questionable whether it is good or bad. A person still deals with consequences with the outcomes of decision making. In the poem “The Antichrist”, the speaker, which I believe is Satan, gives the reader the feeling that he isn’t as bad as one may make him to be and if you look at my collage, you’ll see Satan as a similar human being, who tries to fit in with society. His words are very convincing and confident, especially with the many things he mentions he has in common with Jesus Christ and what he can do for you if you became one of his followers. For instance in the first stanza, lines 1-3,“He comes from the mountain, he stands in the grove!Our own eyes have seen it: the wine that he woveFrom water, the coupes he wakens”. Satan describes resurrection, not resurrection of Jesus Christ, but of himself. My collage shows many faces of the Antichrist that resembles people we see everyday, therefore his resurrection may be a falsity, due to the fact that he is trying to disguise himself as Jesus Christ. There is no way of knowing who the Antichrist is, but your faith in Jesus Christ will show you the right path. In comparison to the poem, Stefan George describes the Antichrist as a person we have all seen before in the first stanza, line 2, “Our own eyes have seen it: the wine that he wove”. Both statements I made, justify that the Antichrist is everywhere and if you are vulnerable, you will see him and make the mistake of accepting him into your life. Hence, the photo of Jesus Christ and his demonic mirror image of himself in my collage! The difference between the two of them is that the one on the left has pointy ears and jagged long fingers, which signify a beastly look of the imitation of Christ and...

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