Different Aspects Of Love Presented In William Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream

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Different Aspects of Love Presented in William Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream

Lysander + Hermia = True love? Sexual Attraction (Lust)

Titania + Oberon = Love or hate (Married)

Helena + Demetrius = One sided (Unrequited)

Hippolyta + Theseus = Stable Love (Mutual love and respect)

Titania + Bottom = Unrequited and magical (fake)

Egeus + Hermia = Family - Father and daughter

Titania + Boy = Family - Mother and son


A remarkable aspect of "A midsummer nights dream" is that it contains
a play within a play. Two themes present in many of Shakespeare's
plays, the struggle of men to dominate women and the conflict between
father and daughter, form a large part of the dramatic content of "A
midsummer nights dream".

This is a very imaginative play and many supernatural powers are
included, which helps strengthen the play and grasp a better
understanding of the plot and qualities of the characters. "A
midsummer nights dream" includes a comedy of situations and
confusions, which are further complicated by a group of fairies
interfering and interacting with human beings.

In the play "A midsummer nights dream", love is an important concept.

William Shakespeare examines the mismanagement of love in a variety of
levels in his great play "A midsummer nights dream". The story of "A
midsummer nights dream" was essentially about love and its
uncharacteristic dealings.

In the play, William Shakespeare tried to show that love is
unpredictable, unreasonable, and at times is blind. The theme of love
was constantly used during the play and, basically everything that was
said and done was related to the concept of love, and its
capriciousness. William Shakespeare made all of the characters
interact their lives to be based on each other. At first everything
was confusing, and the characters were faced with many different
problems. In the end, however they were still able to persevere and
win their true love, the love they were searching for in the first

Theseus is the Athenian duke and, plans to marry the Amazonian Queen
Hippolyta four days after the opening of the play. Theseus seems to
represent a rather unpleasant model of forced love. By the time
Theseus reappears at the end of the play, however, he and Hippolyta
seem genuinely and mutually happy together, and he presides over a
magically resolved triple wedding in which everyone gains their
heart's desire.

Hippolyta is the Amazonian Queen and, is set to marry Theseus.
Hippolyta is not heavily involved in the play but does sound impatient
to get married to Theseus.

Titania is the Queen of the fairies and is a delicate creature, fond
of elegant song and dance and provides a train of equally...

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