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Different Forms Of Communicationi Essay

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tHE IMPORTANCE OF STUDYING NON VERBAL COMMUNICATIONREASONS FOR STUDYING NON VERBAL COMMUNICATION? We make important judgements and decisions with nonverbal communication? We can learn about the affective and emotional states of other people through nonverbal behaviors? Many first impressions are formed through nonverbal cues? Nonverbal communication has value in human interaction because much of out nonverbal actions are not easily controlled consciously? Nonverbal communication has a strong link to cultureDEFINITIONS OF NON VERBAL COMMUNICATIONIncludes all stimuli in a communicative setting generated by the individual and the individual's use of the environment. Stimuli must have potential message value for sender and receiver. Includes intentional and unintentional nonverbal messages.? NONVERBAL CODES (facial expression, personal space, eye contact, use of time, conversational silence)? CULTURAL SPACESCOMPARING NON VERBAL AND VERBAL COMMUNICATION? SYMBOLIC MEANING? OPERATES AT SUBCONSCIOUS LEVEL? LEARNED BEHAVIOR? COORDINATINGNONVERBALS AND VERBALSNonverbal behaviors can reinforce, substitute, or contradict verbal behaviors. We generally believe that people have less control over their nonverbal behavior and so we perceive nonverbals as indicating the real message.FUNCTION OF NON VERBAL COMMUNICATION - RELATIONAL MESSAGES? REPETITION? COMPLIMENTS / EMPHASIS (adds to what was said verbally)? SUBSTITUTES / REPLACEMENTS (for what an individual was going to say)? REGULATES AND MANAGES (the communication event)? CONTRADICTION (nonverbal actions can send opposite signals)ILLUSTRATORS: DIRECTLY TIED TO SPEECH AND THAT ARE USED TO DESCRIBE, REINFORCE, OR SUPPLEMENT WHAT IS SAID VERBALLYREGULATORS: USED TO INFLUENCE OR CONTROL OTHER'S BEHAVIORS (HEAD NODDING , EYE CONTACT)AFFECT DISPLAYS: BODILY AND FACIAL EXPRESSIONS THAT CONVEY OUR FEELINGS AND EMOTIONS. SMILING, LAUGHING, CRYINGADAPTORS: BODY MOVEMENTS THAT USUALLY OCCUR WHEN WE ARE IN ANXIOUS SATURATIONS, UNCONSCIOUS (FINGERNAIL BITING, HAIR TWIRLING, EXCESSIVE BLINKINGWHAT NONVERBAL BEHAVIOR COMMUNICATESSTATUSNonverbal behaviors communicate status and power. Higher-status people can touch subordinates, use larger expansive gestures, and have more space to control.DECEPTION1. Nonverbal behavior communicates deception.2. Earlier researchers believed that certain nonverbals indicated lying.3. Non researchers believe that lying is communicated just as much by verbal communication and that each individual has his/her unique way of communicating deception depending on personality, motivation, planning and age.4. Only a few nonverbal behaviors are consistently related to deception (pupil dilation, blinking, higher pitch)5. All of these happen at unconscious levelPERVASIVE UNCONSCIOUSNESSNonverbal behavior often happens at unconscious level, indicates how we feel about each other and other's cultural groups.NONVERBAL COMMUNICATION AND CULTURE? LEARNED? SHARED UNDERSTANDING? ENCULTURATEDBODY...


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