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Different Kinds Of Love In The Jade Peony

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There are many kinds of love, relationships and companionship in the world. However, during some sensitive periods of time, some love is marked as forbidden love or guilty love. Some people had to give up their love, some people had to decide to hide their love forever, some people had to get rid of the result of the love to protect themselves under that background. Wayson Choy, the author of The Jade Peony, tries to use the conflicts in the novel to tell people what real love is. Therefore, in the novel, the three relationships are three kinds which are not easily accepted by people at that time. Love has nothing to do with nationality, love has nothing to do with age, love has nothing to do with gender.
The Chinese hatred of the Japanese is so deep that they compel themselves to marginalize Japanese in many unacceptable ways. All Japanese are considered as bad guys no matter whether they have done any bad things to Chinese or not. The author tries to intensify the conflict between Chinese and Japanese. The relationship between Meiying and Kazuo is too hard to be maintained against that background. “Kiam and Father agreed with the series of editorials in the Sun: the Japanese along with the coast were potential spiesq and traitors” (Choy 196). Kiam, a boy around 16 years old, believes that the Japanese are potential enemies. It is easy to find that thought of “bad Japanese” takes roots in all Chinese people’s minds. Under those conditions, it is very difficult for a boy and a girl who come from different nations to become a couple, especially if one is Chinese and the other is Japanese. Meiying and Kazuo, is such a tragic couple in that background. The love between a Chinese and a Japanese will never be tolerated by both sides. Meiying is not the main character in the Chen family; however, she also represents a Chinese traditional girl. She should stand for the Chinese at that time due to the war between China and Japan just like what other kids do in the Chen’s family. Vice versa, the Japanese also deny the relationship between Meiying and Kazuo. “The stout catcher came towards us and shouted in English, as if we might be deaf: ‘Leave Kazuo alone, little girl! He’s already in enough trouble with his family over you’” (Choy 246). Neither side will ever accept this couple, even though the love between these two teenagers becomes more and more precious. Both Meiying and Kazuo have to make the decision about choosing love or their own national identity. After the news about the war spread throughout the Chinatown in Vancouver, the bad news about Japan is also spread rapidly. They would be taken away and kept in the camps which are built for them. Therefore, Meiying has no option to choose; she has to give up the kid to make sure that she will be safe under that condition. “One are, caught between her legs, seems to float on a spreading pool of blood […] In that push, and shove, something else caught my eye: two long knitting needles glinting...

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