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Different Kinds Of Meditation In The Book On Real Happines By Sharon Salzberg

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Personal Meditation Reflection:
Meditation is an important psychological practice that protects the brain against aging as well as enhancing an individual’s ability to learn new things. This practice achieves this through sharpening focus, lessening stress, lowering blood pressure, and relieving chronic pain. Generally, it helps a person to experience greater calm, connect with deepest feelings, and challenges tendencies of self-judgment. Consequently, meditation leads to open doors for actual and accessible happiness for an individual. According to Salzberg (2011), meditation is basically training an individual’s attention in order to become more aware of inner workings and external ...view middle of the document...

Before engaging in the meditation process, I have always had a tendency of blaming everyone except myself when encountering a challenging situation. I was asked to do certain calculations that seemed very difficult to understand and do despite trying to comprehend the formula several times. I felt very frustrated and weak in that moment and did not have or maintain full composure. Since my classmates seemed to do the calculations with relative ease, I started blaming everyone except myself. When I got home, I decided to meditate and reflect on the seemingly difficult mathematical problem in order to perform the calculations.
Thoughts, Emotions, and Sensory Experiences during Meditation Sittings:
I conducted my meditation at night when everybody else was asleep and in my bedroom while seated on my couch. This is usually my favorite place, time, and posture where I get to reflect on the day’s experiences. During the meditation, I reflected on every aspect or element of the problem starting with breathing in order to clear mind. As a result, my body felt less tense and started to understand the complex problem for what it really was. The meditation and reflection session also helped me to examine the situation with openness and from a positive perspective.
Generally, there are various objects that are used to focus an individual’s attention including emphasis on sensations of emotions, thoughts, or breathing or looking at different types of body sensations (Bhanoo, 2011). I used these different forms of focusing one’s attention in order to recollect my mind rather than letting it drift to other things. Consequently, my meditation incorporated two major ingredients i.e. alertness and openness and receptivity. Alertness basically involved having the right posture at the appropriate time and place and recollecting my mind to ensure it does not drift to other things. The sense of openness and receptivity was brought by relaxing, looking at the problem positively, and lessening body tension or anxiety (Brach, n.d.).
One of the benefits of the meditation is that it contributed to the cultivation of positive perceptions and thoughts that eventually helped me to solve the problem. I started to develop a positive attitude that the problem can be solved and to tap into my ability to understand and do the calculations. This was characterized with feelings of less tension in the body as I felt more relaxed and focused on the problem. The relaxation and focus in turn enabled me to create solutions to the issue, which made me feel excited and realize my capability to handle such complex issues.
Following the Program:
Even though I was initially skeptical about the meditation program, it was relatively easy for me to follow it. Actually, I have added the meditation program into my personal reflection program because of its significance and impact in transforming the quality of life by learning new things and tapping into my full potential. ...

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