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Different Types Of Structures Within An Organization

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What is Organization Structure?

Company Profile’s:

The Post Publishing Public Company Limited is the publisher and distributor of the Bangkok Post – an Engli shlanguage newspaper, Post Today – a Thai-language business daily, Student Weekly – an English-language magazine for high school pupils, university students and other readers, and M2F – a newly established free Thai language newspaper for circulation directly to young professionals working in Bangkok.

The Company’s book publishing arm, Post Books, publishes best-selling international titles translated into Thai as well as books authored by our newspaper reporters and columnists and other well-known Thai authors, in addition to special publications on historical themes and topics.

This company use Vertical/Mechanistic structure.

What is Vertical/Mechanistic Structure?

Mechanistic structures are the responsibilities are clearly defined as rigorous reporting requirements. The Policies are applied consistently. The Communications are mainly vertical. Vertical aspects of the structure dominate and control the organization.

Job Advertisements

They are seeking for workers for positions:

1) Layout Designer - Location of Operation Bangkok.
- Salary not specified.
- The rate of multiple exposures.

2) Sub-Editor - Location of Operation Bangkok.
- Salary not specified.
- The rate of multiple exposures.


In Task 2, Im going to create a project plan using OpenProj. Inside this project, it will be all about list information for completing by task to task.
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Organic structure is a type of framework used in the business. The aim is to find the most effective way to delegate the role, authority, and responsibility to employees and departments. Also, control how information flows between departments and levels of management in an organization. With the right...

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