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When we talk about the methodology, it's always been involved in every single project. This is because, a project without schedule and strategy will probably lost direction and lack of analysis. Methodology, exactly solve the problems stated above. Since it's provides a clear schedule and every step that involves in a project. Comes to the Lotuskrish, we will compare a few methodologies and discuss to come out with a most suitable methodology to be used in this project. Therefore, the comparison and advantages will be clearly express at below and I am taking SPIRAL, PROTOTYPE and SSADM as my suggestion.
Methodology Spiral Prototype SSADM
-Avoidance of risk
-Software is produced early in the software life cycle
-Additional functionality can be added at a late stage
-Users are actively -involved in the development
-Users get a better understanding of the system
-Error can be detected at the early stage
-Missing functionality can be identified -Strong structured documentation
-Better quality
-Effective use of skill
-Better timeline
Disadvantages -Risk analysis requires specific expertise
-Does not suitable to small project as well as large project
-Can be costly model -It might increase the complexity of the project or system and might be expend beyond the original system
-Lead to implementing - Over-analysis
- This methodology does not support back to previous stage
- Might be costly if anything goes wrong in the middle of late stage.
Every methodology has pros and cons, wherefore we have to compare various of methodologies and select one of the best and suitable for the particular project. According to the information that we have gathered from the Lotuskrish and come out with a methodology to be used in the project.

First of all, the reason I choose these methodologies because the information that we've gathered from the Lotuskrish is suitable and...

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