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Different Perspectives Of Hamlet Essay

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In the Play of “Hamlet” Written by William Shakespeare, Hamlet is exposed to false relationships within his family, and has no one to rely on. Hamlet has become so caught up on seeking revenge that he has forgotten how to think accordingly and problem solve. His plans are unaccomplished but he remains with hope. He has multiple issues and many obstacles to overcome in order to succeed. Hamlets main objective to seek revenge is interrupted by love and annexed by tragedy.
Hamlet has lost all admiration to both his mother Gertrude and his uncle Claudius due to his father’s death. The reader is aware of the type of relationship Hamlet has with others through the use of sarcasm. Throughout the story, the reader is hinted Hamlet’s true feelings about the situation. As Hamlet is speaking to both Gertrude and Claudius he states “A little more than kin and less than kind.” Hamlet is referring to the ties within his family. He is bewildered at the fact his mother married the old king’s cousin, Claudius. It was the short time span between King Hamlet’s death and her remarriage that negatively affected Hamlet. Gertrude’s lack of interest towards her husband’s death made her look foolish and lost respect from Hamlet. Hamlet was the only person categorically mourning his father. Hamlet’s rancorous fashion plays a role in his sarcasm as it projects an immature attitude much like an unsatisfied child. Not only is his anger set on Gertrude and Claudius but also on the innocent Horatio. When Hamlet speaks to Horatio he states “Thrift, thrift Horatio. The Funeral bak’d meats did coldy furnish fourth the marriage tables.” Hamlet believes that Horatio is not on his side but rather the contrary side. Hamlet makes this sarcastic comment, to make Horatio feel ashamed. As Hamlets negative form of sarcasm spreads through the castle he tags along a strange behavior that could disguise as Insanity.
The Power of love can make a psychopath out of anyone. We can determine Hamlets insanity through his hallucinations and random mood swings. At first, Hamlet was not insane but rather infatuated. Hamlet is purposely acting insane to get attention from the people surrounding him, but he focuses mainly Ophelia. In Hamlet’s conversation with Guildenstern Hamlet states “I am but Mad North-North-west/. When the wind is Southerly, I know a Hawk from a Handsaw.”(II.ii, 346-347). This provides evidence to him admitting he is going insane on purpose. As he unconsciously denied Ophelia when she would approach him and played hard to get, the intensity of his phoniness increased, and steadily led Hamlet to truly becoming Insane. Hamlet is suffering from a case of deindividuation, by taking his false “insanity” and converting it to the reality.
Hamlet consistently denies his insanity. In the conversation between Hamlet and Gertrude, Hamlet states “My Pulse as yours doth temperately keep time and make as healthful music. / It is not madness that I have uttered.” (III.iv, 141-145). Hamlet...

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