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Before this class began, I was not very sure about who was considered to be in poverty and who was not. My idea of poverty related to the starving children that you see on television in third world countries and it never really occurred to me that poverty is also one of the biggest problems that society is faced with throughout the world today. It is very apparent that poverty should be one of the main priorities for our world leaders and that we should stop at nothing to end poverty as quickly as possible. In America as the rich get richer, the poor get poorer and the gap between the two is still larger here than anywhere else in the world. This class has improved my knowledge on the ...view middle of the document...

Globally, poverty levels in parts of Africa have consistently remained highest at close to 50% in some parts. South Asia and East Asia also possess very high levels of extreme poverty. I was also unaware that the Unites States suffers from more poverty than nearly every other developed country in the entire world. This class has broadened my perspective on the immeasurable distances that poverty effects.
I believe that people are poor in the United States and other parts of the world because poverty is a trap that is very hard to get out of. I leaned in this class that generational poverty is passed down through each and every generation and people who are born into impoverished situations have an extremely hard time breaking away from the chains of poverty that are holding them down. As children grow up to become adults, they are forced to adapt to their surroundings. When a child is brought into an impoverished world it seems as though some sort of looping effect takes place where children begin to believe that they were meant to be impoverished. Children look around and see poverty at every turn and truly begin to believe that poverty is actually the normal way of life. Extreme poverty forces children, who will later become adults, as well as the main contributors to society, to accept a life that is structured upon survival each and every day. This class has shown me that if these same children were provided with basic survival needs, such as proper nutrition and education, they each would have a far more likely chance at pursuing goals that could lead to a stronger community and contributing to a society that would benefit greatly. I truly believe that no one really wants to be poor and if given the proper guidance and adequate opportunity poverty can be wiped out.
Although there are programs that provide efforts, such as the website one.org and The Global Poverty Project to name a few, that have helped to alleviate poverty throughout the world, poverty still has a firm grasp on billions of people. I learned from the movie American Dream that we watched for this class that in the United States, the use of the welfare reform system, the implementation of an Earned Income Tax Credit, supplying aid such as food stamps and even providing unemployment benefits for people who cannot find good jobs are methods that have proven to be somewhat successful in different areas and unsuccessful in others. In American Dream, Jason DaParle, who is a writer for the New York Times, brings to light many examples of negative effects that welfare reform has had on impoverished people such as a new found reliance on the aid provided that deters some from utilizing the aid to set themselves up for success. Global initiatives seem to be a bit more promising and have shown to be highly effective over the past 8 years. In Africa, mosquito nets are being provided to fight off vicious diseases that contribute to poverty while in parts of Asia the economy is growing...

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