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No longer is there only one standard method of teaching (*). Some teachers are now trying a new method that is slowly gaining popularity called the flipped classroom (Goodwin and Miller 78). The flipped classroom is one form of differentiated instruction. Differentiated instruction individualizes education for each student (Bolin and Garcia). The flipped classroom model was created to accommodate the busy lives of students (Bergmann and Sams 2). The flipped classroom does not look the same in every classroom, but it is essentially the flipping of notes and homework (13). Jonathan Bergmann and Aaron Sams, talk about the shift in the classroom by saying, “The one unifying characteristic of all flipped classrooms is the desire to redirect the attention in a classroom away from the teacher and onto the learners and the learning.” (96). Flipped classrooms prove that this innovative method of teaching can be implemented successfully in the classroom (*).
Class time in a traditional classroom is not always used effectively (Sams and Bergmann 16). Before the traditional classroom, most of class time was spent on learning the new content instead of practicing it. Jonathan Bergmann’s school runs on a block schedule, so class periods are ninety minutes long. The first twenty five minutes of the class were spent in various review activities, including a warm up and review of the previous homework. Up to half of the class could be spent on lecturing new material. Only about a third of the class period was available for students to practice what they had just learned (Bergmann and Sams 15). Another difference between the traditional classroom and the flipped classroom is the general layout of the class. In a traditional classroom, students prepare for a class by doing an assignment over already learned information and come to class to learn new content. Teachers prepare by creating a lesson about new information and teach it in class (“Flipping” a Class).
When Jonathan Bergmann flipped his classroom, he was able to shift most of the time so it could be spent on practice of new content. The first fifteen minutes were spent in review activities, and the remaining seventy five minutes were used for independent activities and student collaboration (Bergmann and Sams 15). Instead of completing homework, students can watch lecture videos to learn their content. They come to class ready to discuss the topic, and the teacher guides them in the right direction in class. After a discussion of the video, students can work together to practice the content just learned or the teacher can assign independent work (“Flipping” a Class). Not all flipped classrooms will look the same, and not all classrooms are right for flipping. This model works best for classrooms that have a lot of content to learn (Sams and Bergmann 16).
Students can use reciprocal teaching to recap information learned at home the previous night. It is a method used to guide students in summarizing what...

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