Different Representations Of Gender Within The Same Genres Of Music

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In 1991 Butler mentioned that “There is no original or primary gender a drag imitates, but gender is a kind of imitation for which there is no original”. It could be suggested that within many genres of music there are different representations of gender. For example if one considers the artist Marilyn Manson. This artist has been known to dress in a controversial manner that deviates from the norms and values regarding gender within society, dressing in garments typically worn by women (corsets etc.) If one compares Marilyn Manson to other artists within the metal genre, it could be argued that the aforementioned musician conveys a more feminine image. For example the artist Andrew W K wears stereotypically masculine clothing such as jeans, leather jackets and dirtied t-shirts. Therefore it can be theorised that within any given musical genre differentiating ideals regarding gender are often conveyed. In this essay the differentiating gender roles that are often conveyed within popular culture shall be critically assessed. The contrast between two contemporary artists shall also be discussed in reference to gender. It could be theorised that “Dead or Alive” and “Duran Duran” create a great point of contrast in the aforementioned subject.

It could be argued that gender is set of characteristics which are distinguishable between “male” and “female”. It could be theorised that it is closely discussed with sex and social identity, for example a woman could be singing with a deep voice and be belittled due to her vocal characteristic “sounding like a man”, or a man could be wearing a pink dress and be belittled for “dressing like a woman”. It could be suggested that gender is socially constructed and that once a person gives birth, the child is immediately categorised as man or woman which has therefore become the norms and values in recent times. Deutsch (1999) states that:

Gender is not something we are, but something we do. Gender must be continually socially reconstructed in light of “normative conceptions” of men and women. People act with the awareness that they will be judged according what is deemed appropriate feminine or masculine. (Deutsch, 1999, pp. 106-127).

Hypothetically it can be suggested that upon the construction of gender, certain ideologies are present in current society. For example it could be said that women pay more attention to body language, sensitive to others feelings, empathetic and emotionally expressive. In terms of Men it could be theorised that they are obsessed with sex, overwhelmed by women’s expression of emotion, express more anger, and show emotion to communicate dominance.
It can therefore be theorised that gender is a set of ideas and is perhaps forced upon society. The aforementioned set of ideas could be necessary to society as a way to keep control and separation consistent. As Marx (1920) once indicated that gender roles are predefined by those in society who hold power (bourgeoisie) on...

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