Different Skin Color, Different Opportunity Essay

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This advertisement is made by the image that appeared on Flickr. It is showing two people sitting in a bus; a black woman, Rosa Park also known as first lady of civil right movement, and a white man. They both appear thinking but everyone is not aware of what another one is doing. On the image Rosa Park appears thinking of how oppressed black people were in that time. Park’s arrest followed the murder of a 14 years old black male Emmett Till in Mississippi and all that probably made her to think about how black people should get their rights as citizens. From the history of civil right movement, Rosa Park was asking herself such question: “Why would black people face all these problems of rights inequality? Movements for civil rights included ensuring that the rights of all people are equally protected by the law, including the rights of minorities, women's rights so Park took part in rebellion against race and gender oppression. Gender and skin color oppression challenged a lot of women in the Americas but their rebellion ensured that the rights of all people are equally protected by the law.
Essence used this image to show how race issue affected both races and the way people should think in different way. Firstly black people are one who always have inferior mind because of their past history but it is possible to think different. The reason why this is targeting to black people is that they are the one who really need this change of mind and be able to show whites people that improvement is still possible regardless their every day’s oppression. Whites are also targeted as so they can think different on the part that they are always on the top. By changing ways of thinking of some black people like Rosa Parker gave rights to black people in the United States of America.
Apple logos that appears in this image connects the statement from the Hoffington Post that “black consumers beat out all other ethnic groups in purchasing of automobiles, groceries, health and beauty products, apparel , electronics, movies, travel, wine & spirits, baby products and entertainment”? For Black people, to be the best customers can be seen either as a sign of success or a source of some concerns. From history, black people are inferior and oppressed by white people who consider themselves intelligent and superior. The inferiority of black people in the society makes other people thinking them as poor. Through Negroes movements, blacks understood that they could change their minds filled with oppression and bad attitudes to prove their ability to change the past and built a better future. Economic development of black community has been being successful because they are able to live independently and satisfy their needs. This gives them the power and value in...

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