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Various Sports Injuries And Their Treatment

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There are many different kinds of sports one can play, and all of them have some risk to playing them. When someone plays a sport, that person can be injured in many ways. The three main areas of injury are the knee, shoulder, and elbow joints. Concussions are also a common injury. The knee is the area with the most frequent injuries, taking up fifty-five percent of all sports injuries. The shoulder accounts for twenty percent, while the elbow accounts for seven. Concussions, while they are a common injury, do not occur as much as these others. An injury to the knee most often occurs because a knee has been rotated the wrong way or hyper extended. Most shoulder injuries are to the rotator cuff, either from one heavy trauma, such as falling on an outstretched arm, or overuse of the rotator cuff from excessive overhand motions. The elbow can be injured by repetitive twisting or gripping (with the hand). Moderate to severe trauma to the head can lead to a concussion.Most injuries do not require professional medical treatment or surgery. The best way to treat an injury is to rest the site of the injury and put ice on it for ten to twenty minute periods a few times a day for several days after the occurrence of the injury. Ice reduces swelling by slowing down the blood flow at the site of the injury. Anti-inflammatory medication can also be used to treat minor injuries to reduce swelling, thereby reducing the pain.There are two major parts of the knee that are liable to injury when participating in athletic activity. These are the meniscus, a "C" shaped cushion between the femur and tibia that acts as a shock absorber, and the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL), a stabilizing ligament that prevents abnormal rotation or displacement of the knee. The meniscus can be torn by being bent or twisted while participating in sports or everyday activity. When a meniscus is torn the knee will appear swollen. The knee will also lock or give way. Bending the knee will cause severe pain. The best way to confirm an injury to the meniscus is through an MRI (magnetic resonance imaging). Some, but not many, meniscal tears heal by themselves within six weeks. For the ones that do not heal on their own, an arthroscopy is needed to determine the structure of the tear. Then either meniscal repair or a partial meniscectomy, which is removal of the meniscus, are performed. Hyperextension, hyper flexion, heavy twisting or pivoting, and severe lateral trauma to the knee can damage the ACL. When the ACL tears, the person whose ACL is injured will hear a pop, which will be followed by extreme pain and swelling, making it impossible to continue whichever sport the person is participating in. The knee will become unstable and difficult to walk on. An MRI test can be performed to confirm the injury to the ACL or other structures of the knee. People that do not participate in activities that require pivoting of the knee may wear a knee brace and take part in a rehabilitation program...

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