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Different Themes In Movies, Same Place

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In books, the author hopes to convey to you a message through reading but in movies, it doesn’t work exactly that way. Themes are what is focused upon but never stated in movies similar to books in their respective plots; in Lion King, for example, they stress that you must “conquer your worst fears as it will come back” when the King comes back to confess his crime of “killing” his father – this is something, a lesson, in which the movie conveys when it leads to that climax. Many movies may easily sway you into believing in a theme early on but some aren’t as easy to see. These lessons are the hidden messages scattered in the plot from early on to the final finish of the movie.
The basic components of movie plots are simple; they are like books unless they are franchises where they have their fair share of ups and downs. The themes are molded on early on but not as fast as how the setting goes, the setting is the upmost basic of the plot as it would affect everything ...view middle of the document...

Very visible in the last film as well) The climax, another section of the plot of movies as well as books is where the theme still shines its moments (again, Lord of the Rings, destroying the all-powerful One Ring into the volcano after your friend helps you climb the volcano up – the theme shines brightly) The falling point is pretty much where the theme quite literally vanishes, everything is returning to normal with a change in the character and the resolution brings you to the conclusion of the theme that the movie portrayed to you. The theme fell into two places of the plot and barely appears in the exposition. Themes not only appear in two places of the plot but often occur in different genres. For example, Lord of the Rings is a fantasy but movies such as The Goonies, Snow White, and even Freddy (not Fred, Freddy from Nightmare on Elm’s Street) all have those similar themes. No? All these movies have friends ‘defeat’ a common foe just as Lord of the Rings did. Themes vary from movie to movie but many are very similar, but at the same side of the coin, many themes are not.
All themes come from the same spots on the scripts; they all begin at the end of the exposition, shine through the rising action and climax and disappear until the resolution. Each genre of movies has plots and each plot has a theme; the theme is a mere play throughout the scheme of things as they differ all the time but many share the same. Animated movies such as Toy Story 3 gave the theme of finally letting go (the original is about never giving up in finding your owner) while others like Finding Nemo is about never giving up and to be persistent even it seems impossible. They are different and are made by the same studio, Pixar; themes range but they are each found at the same sections of the movie’s plot. Variations of the same theme exist, take the original Toy Story and Finding Nemo – the cowboy never gave up coming back so he had to learn to coexist with his friend while the clown fish never gave up about coming back but only with his child. The themes are nearly the same but with one difference; they are variations of the same theme.
In conclusion, themes are found in certain sections of the plots and the plots are in every genre and many of the same themes exist when taking out the basic foundations of the plots.

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