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Different Times Of A Parallel: Ancient Worlds In Modern Innovation

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Throughout history, societies and human beings have evolved into existence for reason and construction of ideas that were merely only dreams of our ancient ancestors. The world and all civilizations have been forever trying to develop life in such a way that will better all people in exchange for further advancement to new realms of continuation. During the time periods of ancient Mesopotamia, Egypt, the Indus River Valley, and China, people were all striving to fulfill and accomplish a life of more knowledge, equality, and welfare. Many findings throughout history have provided us with the knowledge that during these times the formation of writing, establishment of governments, and technological advances were all major contributions as to why and how society today has developed into this modernization. Although Mesopotamia, Egypt, the Indus River Valley, and China have all contributed to the invention and formations of writing, establishments of governments, and making technological advances, they each have their own unique establishment for each.
To begin with, in the commencement of these civilizations a way of recording data, history, and other findings were all needed. Even in the modern day world, writing is involved in everything people do; yet people take it for granted. The first findings of writing, according to Understanding World Societies, were inscribed in stone, shells, bone, or other hard materials, intending for them to be permanent. In Mesopotamia, all writings were done on clay tablets that would later dry up and harden; due to their ways of recording, there have been thousands of these tablets left that are still being deciphered today. In contrast, the Egyptians decided to make all of their writings with ink on papyrus sheets that were derived from plants. The failing objective to these papyrus sheets is that, much like paper in today’s society, it is fragile after aging and the ink some what dissipates and cannot be decoded like the writing on the harden clay materials. The Chinese on the other hand have the oldest writing still available that are considered the oldest surviving writings, which were recorded on bones and turtle shells. The Chinese formations of writing also helped usher in...

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