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Different Type If Memory Essay

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Memory, so time is there when we need it and sometimes it just leaves us hanging. Memory has been giving so many definition, for example some people would say it's when you remember certain event or situation. But in reality, what is memory? Memory is more then just remembering things there is a process and each process has a part and they are, encode, store, and retrieve information. Each part have different process and to have a great result at the end, which is to remember, all the three parts should operate smoothly. Encoding is the first process which records the information in your head, the. There is storaging which saves the information and lastly retrieval which allows you to ...view middle of the document...

Long-term memory can also be information that we know by heart and remember it when we need it. In long-term memory there is declarative memory which stores accurate information then there's procedural memory that stores information for skills and habits. Declarative memory is divided into semantic memory where general knowledge and fact stays, then there is episodic memory the memory for events that occur in a particular time and place or context (pg. 204-205).

When I was 10 years old my parents made plans to go to Panama for winter break I was so excited because most of my family from both side of my parents live in Panama. When we get there my aunt takes us to her friend house and in the backyard she had a tamarind tree. I asked my aunt friend if I can eat some and she said "eat as much as you want" so I did. The next day in he morning my family was getting ready to go to the beach but I woke up felling sick and throwing up all the tamarind I ate. Now when I see a tamarind at a store or even on a tree I remember the taste and it...

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