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Different Kinds Of Bullying Essay

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Bullying, in its many forms, is becoming an extremely hazardous problem that many individuals endure. Bullies torment others because they themselves have insecurities, have been bullied themselves, or have a mental illness that brings out the worst in them. Nevertheless, bullying can physically and emotionally destroy the victim, whether it is by physical abuse, cyber bullying, or verbal abuse.
Nowadays, physical bullying is becoming a very serious and detrimental problem. Not only does physical bullying scar the person emotionally, but it can also scar them physically. There are different mediums of physical bullying such as; physical threats, pushing, shoving, and assaults that can cause serious injury. There is some controversy surrounding what causes children bodily harm others. Studies show that children who have gone through physical abuse themselves are more likely to abuse other children around them. (Litwiller 2010). These children have so much pent up anger inside them; they feel as if they need to release it onto other peers. Studies also show that these children, who are abused at household, want others to feel the pain and suffering they feel at home. Measures taken to prevent physical bullying are numerous. A number of states have passed laws to address intimidation, harassment, and bullying in schools. These "anti-bullying" laws are meant to promote school safety, reduce violence, etc. The law specifically requires schools to create certain policies for prevention and enforcement concerning behavior that may lead to bullying. Students who violate anti-bullying provisions face suspension and expulsion, or if severe physical harm has occurred; fines, juvenile detention center, and depending on the age and severity, jail time. Other laws have been made to protect individual rights such as, The Supreme Court has a allowed parents to sue a school or district for knowing about a harassment claim but failing to do anything about it. School districts face severe fines if failing to protect its students from if they are ever taken to court.
For such a long time, physical bullying has been the largest problem schools and parents had to face with their children, but now another form of bullying has arisen; cyber bullying. In society today, teens are drawn cell phones, laptops, and other technological advancements. Social media is a way for many teens and adolescents to interact with one another and share countless happenings of their personal lives. Cyber bullying occurs when individuals use the internet to send or comment cruel and unnecessary messages to another. In its various forms cyber bullying includes, indirect and direct harassment, posting inappropriate pictures, impersonating another being, or just being plain cruel. Although anyone can become a victim of cyber bullying, improper use of the internet can further induce harassment, due to the adolescents desire to use modern day technologies. The harassers could be classmates,...

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