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Different Types Of Curtains And Their Specific Uses

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Doors and windows are key elements of a house as portals and means of ventilation and passage of sunlight. To enhance their aesthetics, we must follow some kind of door and window treatment. The easiest way is to treat them with curtains. But you need to be careful when you buy curtains and blinds to make sure that your window curtains and blinds designs go with the rest of your interior décor and ameliorate the whole look of your room.
The different types of curtains and blinds available today are as mentioned below.
Pole-pocket or Rod-pocket curtains – These curtain have a pocket-like casing at the top which enables the curtain to slide over the rod. This type of curtains hide the rods ...view middle of the document...

Thermal or blackout curtains – Thermal or blackout drapes and curtains are used to control the amount of heat and light to be allowed or retained into the room. These window draperies and curtains are made with insulating materials which help with the heat retention. And they have an additional layer of lining to keep out the sun and cause a blackout effect. This type of curtains are suitable for cold places. They are also often seen in hotels.
Sheer curtains – Sheer curtains allow light into the room without invading your privacy. They are usually much in excess of the width of the window to drape properly and provide an adequate amount of seclusion to keep away prying eyes. Additionally, they add a very dramatic look. An enthralling variation is to have sheer blinds at the back with a normal curtain in front.
Window scarves – Window scarves are decorative accretions to your normal curtains. They are often made in sheers, the patterns matched with your normal curtains and in a tint or shade of the colour of your curtain.
Valances – Valances are a form of window treatments used to hide the draperies hardware. They cover the uppermost part of a...

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