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Different Types Of Development Structures And Nature Between Rugby League And Ice Hockey

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Sport development models designed by organisations are created to try and effectively identify the necessary frameworks and strategies implemented to achieve all round success at all levels. Athlete participation is the main focus of all sport development models and is concerned with activities experiences, pathways followed, obstacles overcome and how the sport can monitor its frameworks to achieve a sustainable future for the sport. In recent years there has been increased attention to establish and improve pathways and systems to maximize sport development.

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The ARL also manage the Under 20’s Holden National Youth Competition, which runs along side the main NRL competition. Funding is also provided to local teams, by the ARL, to increase club development and participation.

Ice hockey is regulated and structured worldwide through the governing body of the International Ice Hockey Federation (IIHF) based in Zurich, Switzerland. Ice Hockey Australia (IHA) is the official Australian governing body with the role of conducting, encouraging, promoting, advancing, controling and administering all forms of ice hockey in and throughout Australia (IHA, 2014). Due to geographical and obvious climate difference from conventional ice hockey cultures, Australia lacks participation and performance. However, as of 2014, the IHA has the second highest numbers of ice hockey participation in the Asia/Oceania region with just over 5,000 registered players, behind Japan (15,400).

With the majority of sport development models’ focus on increasing participation, it is important that sports provide development programs to increase awareness and more active involvement throughout communities. The NRL have implemented various programs within the community to try and promote the game, and to educate people that rugby league can be a safe and fun sport when using the right equipment and safety techniques. These programs follow the fundamental stage of the FTEM model and increases tactical and technical developments of players. Local Junior Rugby League Associations run ‘LeagueFun’ recruitment clinics, which includes 90 minutes of skill-based training designed to teach primary school children the rules of the game, while developing catching, passing, kicking and tackling skills. These basic skills are also introduced in Mini Footy, which is a modified game for children aged 6 to 9 years, and focuses on providing a safe, non-competitive environment to learn basic rules. A Mode League is also followed on from Mini Footy for Under 9 and 12 year olds. This league acknowledges young player’s movements towards adolescents and helps prepare players for the adult game. It does this by introducing more common rules of rugby league and provides a necessary bridge from mini league to international rugby league rules. With currently 170,000 participating at a grassroot level, it is necessary for rugby league to keep up with the rising participation levels of the other football related sports of soccer and rugby union.

Compared to the NRL, Australian ice hockey has extremely significant lower participation through grassroots and junior levels. Despite that, IHA has tried to put effort in developing youth and junior programmes to retain and develop Australian ice hockey players at a young age. The competition-pyramid of IIHF states that the foundation of ice hockey development lies in Learn To Play programmes followed by youth and junior competitions. IIHF initiated in 1997 an official Sport Development programme for its member countries...

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