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Different Types Of English Spoken Throughout The World

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Language is an apparatus enabling people to interact with each other (Wright, 1999). Education, trade and economics all contribute to the development of a language, being globally recognised. Linguistics enables individuals to learn, teach and to develop their own unique dialect that would help them to communicate with people. Due to globalization, English is the only global language used internationally for economic, political and business reasons and no other languages can compete against it due to having military, economic and political power. Despite English as a global language, it diminishes minority languages, people however, choose to learn English as it provides greater employment ...view middle of the document...

Translation enables people to communicate with each other in different languages and language skills. For example, hundreds of years ago merchants, monarchs and ambassadors relied on someone for translation. However, linguist mixed the community and people did not rely on people translating anymore. Hence this issue was solved by Pidgin and Lingua Franca. The term Pidgin is defined as a mixture of distinct languages being able to communicate with another.
Furthermore, the advancement and growth of English expands globally. For example, English dominates academic books, media and technology. Even though languages are being wiped off due to having one global language, people choose to learn English; for example most popular and awaited movies are from English films even though Bollywood tries to compete with Hollywood – Hollywood is still coming first in the ladder for best film production.
Moreover, due to the increasing usage of internet, the strength of English language becomes enforceable in the computer. The economic and trade amongst countries is also accomplished by English, also Food packages that individuals eat and gadget that people use all have instructions in English. Buck (2005) stated that English has the top position and 30% of the population is “reasonably competent” as it is helpful in the fields of economy, politics and commerce allowing individuals to gain employment opportunities when fluent in English. Political bodies, economic power and many commercial institutions all use English language as a source of communication. Trudgill, (2000) stated that more than 80% of academic, scientific and technological production all are achieved in English. This shows that English is Lingua Franca and having English known globally benefits many people as they all would be able to communicate with each other and understand one another; this also strengthens the relationship amongst countries in terms of trade relations and political reasons. English dialect is globally recognised, because millions of children learn English at school, enhancing their communication skills and understandings. The language English is lingual by approximately 2 billion people and 400 million of them are native speakers (Trudgill, 2000). O’ Neil, (2009) stated that China is one of the greatest population who speak English as a second language. This shows that people choose to learn English. The English language allows individuals to maintain relations and connections between people who come from different ethnicity. Therefore, English is the strong global language and other...

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