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Different writers use many different styles of writing. It all depends on their style, and tone of the message they want to share. Some writers are more formal, some more free and fun. Imagery in writings can be used in many different and various ways as well. Imagery livens up the reading and adds interest. In the examples of the four poems given, imagery was used in different ways as in There is no word for goodbye uses the sense of touch, in Dailey uses sight, Hope uses sound, and The day of the storm uses movement/action.
To begin, the use of imagery is used in There is no word for goodbye written by Mary Tall Mountain, through the sense of touch. In more of a proper term, this would ...view middle of the document...

In addition, the imagery of the sense of sound is used in Hope by David T. Hilbun. Many cases of this type of imagery is shown in the first paragraph alone. The first three lines of Hope read, “Adam, get behind me!” “His dad called over the roaring winds and splashing waves. Adams reply was cut off by the crash of a huge oak tree being ripped out of the dirt and slamming into the ground a few meters away with the force of a stick of dynamite.” There are so many words in this passage that show the sense of sound. Onomatopoeias are used so much which make the sounds even better. Words like roaring, splashing, crash, ripped, and slamming were all used which makes the sound in this poem truly come alive.
To conclude, in The day of the storm by Tyroneca Booker, the main imagery used is the use of movement and action. This isn’t particularly a sense, but it is still a type of imagery, otherwise known as kinesthetic imagery. Throughout this short story, the main character is constantly having to frantically move as the hurricane is fast approaching....

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