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Different Views On Land Ownership Essay

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How could land be someone's property? The Indians believed that there was no such thing as land property. On the other hand, the Europeans, who conquered the Indians, claimed land ownership all over the world. The Europeans believed that the owning land was an advancement of society. The attitudes towards ownership of land differ tremendously. The Europeans believed that claiming land lead to the thriving of society not just socially but also economically. The Indians believed in communal property, which allowed everyone in the tribe to eat.

The Indians believed that the land was for harvesting and hunting, therefore; they didn't have to own the land to be able to use it and share it with ...view middle of the document...

This was not the only reason the Europeans would claim land; they also understood the land could be used to

accumulated wealth by establishing trading posts and companies, like the Dutch West India Company.The Dutch West India Company was established specifically for the trade. It monopolized the trade market in the Americas. The land that the Indians have been using for harvesting and hunting was stolen and converted into a major trading post for the Europeans and the western countries.

Although the Europeans were building their trading empire through the Americas. The Indians defended their right to use the land from the incursive Europeans. There were many rebellions against the settling Europeans. A popular rebellion was Pontiac's Rebellion. Pontiac tried to attack a British fort in Detroit. Their effort was unfruitful; they lost the battle against the British. However; after their lost they commenced a siege against the British that persisted for months. While Pontiac and his confederacy fought the British in the lower colonies. There were other tribes plotting and fighting against the British in the northern colonies.2 One of the tribes that fought in the north was the Shawnee tribe, whose leader was Tecumseh.

Tecumseh grew up during the American Revolution war against the British. During his childhood Tecumseh witness how the Americans barged through the Indian lands even. His constant and reasonably consistent exposure to war gave him an advantage tactically. He used what he learned and recruited other tribes to fight against the Americans.3 His fight against the Americans was known as the Tecumseh Rebellion.

Tecumseh Rebellion was preceding the war of 1812. The war of 1812 the Indians joined the British against the Americans. Tecumseh and the tribe confederation fought for their...

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