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Different Ways The Wars In America Are Portrayed In Popular Culture Specifically Films And Movies

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As we all know, history is usually up to the interpretation of the teller. I think this is true especially when I compared three different resources all telling the same events in a different way. I have chosen to discuss a specific event in the war that is consistently argued in all the resources I studied, and that is the Massacre of Fort William Henry, no doubt a significant event in the French and Indian War. Each essay and video describes the massacre in a different way.Let me first look at the film we watched. It was told as a story by a Native American man/actor. This underscores that the film is based largely on the part of the role of the Indians in the war. The “experts” on the situations at hand were the actual people themselves who wrote letters and were read by actors in the documentary. These first hand accounts let the viewers know exactly what the people were thinking and felt at that time. I believe that it did a good job of explaining the main issues and describing the events of the French and Indian war. Never having heard or learned anything specifically about the war I left class feeling like I understood at least part of what it was all about. In particular, its emphasis on the Indians' point of view was new and interesting, although at times I thought it was over-emphasized. The blend of narrative and action scenes was helped to underline the way the war actually happened. However, I thought the role and portrayal of the Indians in the film was strange. At one point they say that the war depends on the Indians, and both sides know they can’t win without the Indian support, while later, it implies that it isn’t a war with the Indians but they are just sort of stuck in the middle(2). This leads me to believe that they weren’t as big a part as it originally implied. All through the video, it shows the Indians being misunderstood, and seen as savages simply because they are different. The negotiations at the end of the battle completely leave out the Indians needs/wants which seems to indicate that the French took for granted the Indians. The feast came off as the straw that broke the camels back to the Indians. After that they took matters into their own hands. It shows the British marching at first not harmed by the Indians, but later being attacked. It seems to downplay the incident by stating that not many people were actually killed with respect to the number reportedly killed. The series may have gone on to more detail in the later films, but I felt like a major part of the Indian relations was shown in this matter and it came across as circumvented. The battle as portrayed in the film led me to believe that while the Indians attacked, the French did nothing to stop the massacre or go to the assistance of those who were being slaughtered.As I looked into other resources, for example Wikepedia, the online encyclopedia, I found that any information on the Battle of Fort William Henry was largely...

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