Differentces And Similarities Of The Movie Othello And The Movie "O"

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The play "Othello" vs. "O" the movie portrays the main characters in various similarities and differences. In the play "Othello" there are two characters that make the play what it is. The movie "O" has those same characteristics with the characters roles. The two main characters in the play "Othello" are Othello and Iago. In the movie "O" they are Odin and Hugo.The play "Othello" was about a noble Moor, Othello that was in love with a woman named Desdemona. In the Movie "O" the characters name is Odin and that are similar in many ways. Odin (Mekhi Phifer) is a superstar basketball player that is best friends with Hugo (Josh Hartnett). They play on the same basketball team and Odin is the only black student at his school. In the play "Othello" he is the only black person around that is noble. This is one of the similarities that the play and the movie have. Another similarity is that Othello promotes Cassio instead of Iago due to his breeding. In the movie Odin wants to share his most valuable player award with someone else besides Hugo. In both the play and the movie Iago/Hugo gets extremely upset with Othello/Odin and this starts the hatred towards Othello/Odin.In the play and the movie the hatred towards Othello/Odin is so fierce. Iago/Hugo betrays his so called friend Othello/Odin. Iago/Hugo does not care who gets hurt in the process of destroying Othello/Odin. In the play and the movie Iago/Hugo is very envious of Othello/Odin, because he gets a lot of attention from everyone. Iago does not deceive Othello by himself he has help from his friend Roderigo. This is very similar to the movie "O" because Hugo is helped by his friend as well. They both mislead Othello into believing Desdemona is having an affair with Cassio. Othello is very trustworthy to his friend Iago and starts to believe what he is being told is true, even though he does not bother to ask Desdemona personally. Othello/Odin begins to believe Iago/Hugo that Desdemona is having an affair because Iago gets a hold of a handkerchief that Othello/Odin gives to Desdemona, which was given to Othello/Odin by his grandmother. It was a symbol in both the movie and the play. Othello/Odin finds out that Desdemona does not have the handkerchief in her possession he begins to assume that what he is hearing from Iago/Hugo is true. Once Othello/Odin begins to believe that Desdemona is unfaithful he starts to see things. Othello is getting pictures in his head of...

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