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Differing Depicitons Of Love In Modern Film

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Love is such a small word that holds such a strong meaning. Many people in their lives, at some point, contemplate about love, dream about it, and even lose sleep over it. Why is it that so many people imagine what love is? This one word, with many meanings, is so problematic to explain and yet it is impossible to live without. The movies in the romance section of this course, each depict a type of love many of us might go through. The first two films, Water for Elephants and How Do You Know, explore the concept of finding love. Whereas, the film Groundhog Day emphasizes the notion one has to become a loving person before one can love. Lastly, The Painted Veil and Stuck Between Stations explores the idea of creating love and seeing goodness in one another. Therefore, all of these films have a specific structure leading us to the notion that love seems to be the center of all things, both in giving and receiving, and can ultimately have many different meanings.
To begin, the film Water for Elephants demonstrates how love can be the source of happiness and even sorrow. It seems at those this film has the ability to create a typical love story. Meaning, the love story plot has typical trials; hitting rock bottom/having no future. As talked about in class, this film makes us look forward to adultery and the notion of true love. Water for Elephants holds the notion love at first sight is essential and should be acted upon regardless of the circumstances because, hey it’s love. Marlena and Jacob seems to be drawn in, they offer their hearts to each other, hoping the other does not break it. However, the obstacle for them is August, who is controlling and hurtful towards Marlena. This is a typical example of an outside force affecting ones relationship. Hence, the love Marlena and Jacob share with one another is tested in this sense. In the film, we seem to root for the underdog, Jacob, and look forward to the notion of adultery because we hope their love is the kind of love writers write about.
Love can alter us, our hearts, and to put it simply; love...

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