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Differing Views On Whether Or Not English Should Be The Primary Language Of Africa

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English language is seen as an official language in several continents such as America and Europe. However, Africa is stand still with the idea of whether English should be accepted in this country. This essay will critically respond to the debate between Tok DiReck, “English is Africa’s Future” (2007), and Lynn Qua Frank, “Keeping Our Linguistic Culture” (2007).

In the article of Tok DiReck, he mentions the economy situation of Africa is languished while the world market is developing fast. It needs an invisible bridge to connect with other nations and to participate in the global market places. The connection that DiReck points out is the English language. In education, if this language is applied to be the main language for education, the cost and the time of teaching English as a second language will be decreased. At the end of his article, he asserts that English should be approved to Africa because it will be the occasion of globalization and prevent this continent from being segregated with the world.

In contrast, Lynn Qua Frank says that English could not substitute native language. She supports her argument by giving an opinion that “Local languages would still be spoken socially.” Moreover, she thinks that obtaining English in African community will “disempower” African people in studying, business and many different areas. English, in most nations, is only a second language and is not considered as the main tongue. Additionally, Frank does not support Africa to absorb English because of ethnic division. According to her, English should not be regarded as a “primary” language even in academic purpose.
These two arguments are contradictory to each other, but DiReck provides information more persuasively. He emphasizes the points of economy and education, which are two important aspects relevant to the development of a country. Furthermore, he brings in the effect of English that could lead to globalisation to help Africa get rid of its miserable situation. Likewise, Frank’s argument supports the idea of teaching English as a second language. One of the reasons is because she believes that if a foreign language is adopted to a society, the unity of the nation would become chaos. In addition, the viewpoint of Frank is much narrower than DiReck’s because she only focuses on Africa while DiReck widen his outlook to the world.

Both authors agree that English is essential, especially for education. DiReck supposes that English is indispensable and should become a man language of...

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