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Difficulties Of Engineering Students In Speaking In English Language

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Chapter 1- The Problem and its Background1.1 IntoductionEnglish has been one of the main languages used here in the Philippines for a long time now, since the American Regime. Although Tagalog, Cebuano, Ilocano, Hiligaynon, Biko and Waray are the main local languages, while Filipino is the indigenous national language, English remains an important official language (Platt, Weber, Lian 20). It is mainly used in education and 'reigns supreme in the econo-technical area (Platt, Weber, Lian 21).' This is the reason why we Filipinos are very familiar with the language.English: Melchora AquinoEnglish: Melchora AquinoEnglish: Dolphy, Filipino actorEnglish: Dolphy, Filipino actorAncient Filipinos utilized terrace farming to grow crops in the steep mountainous regions of northern Philippines.Ancient Filipinos utilized terrace farming to grow...But we also have our own problems with it due to that fact that everyone learns the language at a different rate and environment. Thus, we mainly have mistakes when speaking it.This study strives to recognize the common problems we encounter when speaking in English or hearing someone else speak in English, the different attitudes towards the variety of the said language, our consciousness of the language errors we make, and what we do to improve our education of the language.1.2 Statement of the problemThis study is conducted to identify the problems encountered from the Engineering students to speak in English and the difficulties of it. The reasearcher aims to identify the common problem of Filipinos with the English language, and what actions the people involved can take to correct these faults.Specifically, aims to answer the following question:1. What is the profile of the respondents according to:a. Genderb. Coursec. Academic status2. What are the difficulties of the respondents of speak in English language.a. Pronounciationb. Grammarc. Self-confidentsd. Orthographye. Vocabulary Usage1.3 Significant of the StudyIt is well known that many Filipinos are fluent in English. But unfortunately, our knowledge in English...

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