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Difficulties People With Aids Go Through

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Executive Summery
This case is about the difficulties that people in different parts of the world have gone through with AIDS. From, the infected, families related to the infected, governments investing time and efforts to prevent future AIDS outcomes.
The major problem for us would be, culture and education. It is challenging enough trying to change people’s minds about some matters, especially if they are related to touchy topics like sex and diseases.
Our main recommendation is to invest in sexual education, informing everyone about it. Understanding that, it’s always easier preventing a problem than dealing with it. Teaching children about how mature and responsible a person should be ...view middle of the document...

Many people complaint that by using a condom the sexual sensation changes and it’s not as strong. Companies like Durex are selling condoms that could solve this problem, polyurethane is the new material used to produce these condoms, extra thin and heat conductor, making the experience more natural.
United States has its own percentage of infected population; after all, this is a problem that is every nation concern, some more than others.


The AIDS epidemic is a fatal and extremely costly problem. Millions of people worldwide are in danger of contracting it or are already infected with the virus. Of the 30.6 million diagnosed with HIV, 90 percent live in poor countries. Brazil, alone, could have as many as 7.5 million victims in the next decade.
It is believed that this issue has become so severe in Brazil due to the lack of safe sex practices within the community. Most Brazilians do not like to wear condoms. Those with multiple partners are not the only group at risk either; married women are at an extremely high rate of risk due to infidelity within their relationships (49 percent of men and 14 percent of women admitted to having an affair in the past year). The culture of men not wearing condoms and the women are, usually, afraid to ask men to use them. While this is not the only case, many married woman want children and simply do not see a reason to use protection. Condoms cost more in Brazil than anywhere else in the world. On top of that, the female condom is 3 times the price of the male counterpart. With the price of condoms and increasing numbers of infections, there are high prices to pay and low income to back it in many of these poor countries.
Along with Brazil, India is another major player in need of a change to protect the lives of the of their people and future generations. The world’s second most populous nation has seen 2.4 million infected in the 6 years since its discovery. With a population reaching 1 billion, India faces many other health issues that consume valuable time and resources needed to battle this growing epidemic. AIDS awareness is pitifully low and many believe that there isn’t even an epidemic. Many of the educational ads were deemed inappropriate and never reached the community. These also faced high commercial pricing.

Course of Action
First and foremost, our best defense against a social and cultural issue like this is education. Knowledge is the key to success and campaigns need to be made to reach the people of these impoverished areas to warn and inform about sexual foul play. When there is an understanding of the implications that are tied to infection, the desire to avoid possible infection will increase. Also, many individuals do not even know that they are infected. There is a need for people to know that they need to be tested, and that everyone that they choose to encounter sexually do as well.
Secondly, the...

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