Difficulties With Operating Sytem Windows Server 2012

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Windows Server 2008 and Windows Server 2012
The performance and enterprise class scale of Windows Server 2008 shows that it scales 256 LPs and 2 Tb of the memory, however Windows Server 2012 scales to 640 LPs and 4TB of the memory. Furthermore, the clustering support provided by Windows Server 2008 is up to 16 nodes 1000 virtual machines, on the other hand Windows Sever 2012 provides clustering support up to 64 nodes 4000 virtual machines are supported through it.
Shared nothing live migration is not available in Windows Server 2008 however, it is considered as an effective feature that have been deployed in Windows Server 2012 as it has an ability to mitigate various virtual machines on different clusters of Hyper–V with no sharing of the storage with the help of using only Ethernet connection. Although Windows 2012 has high advanced level of features, yet there are few drawbacks associated with it due to which companies often feel uncomfortable to upgrade their system to latest Windows Operating System 2012.
There are many reasons which clarify that companies do not schedule an upgrade for their organizational systems to the latest Server Operating System.
No Hardware Support
In case of latest Operating system, the hardware support is not being provided by the manufacturers due to which companies often resist to make use of the operating system. It does not help in providing the substantial support to the ltanium based computers. No extension of support is being provided by the manufacturers for the Windows Server 2012 before their current life cycle is being implied. Products are not supported in their effective use by the Configuration Manager. This is all because of the fact that there is no Broadcast Driver Architecture support is being provided on the Windows Server2012. Companies are resistant to upgrade their systems to the latest ones because of unavailability of the hardware support from the manufacturers.
Multitasking activities are not ensured with the help of latest operating system. There is an increase need of the multitasking so that organizational objectives are to be accomplished in a specific...

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