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May 5, 2010Trouble-MakerAs a young child growing up thinking I didn't need anybody but myself. I wouldn't listen to anyone and I wouldn't even pay attention to my teacher. The only one I feared was my grandmother. I thought everyone in the world was against me and I was in it alone.It all started in the fifth grade; I was the big bully of all. I was just rude to other students for reason at all. I would bump into one of the other students and dared the students to bump back into me. I thought I had nothing to lose until they sent me home to my grandmother and she meant business. That didn't stop me though I had a reputation to keep up so it went in a cycle; bullied, detention, and grandmother's punishment. I barely made it out of fifth grade and now on to the sixth grade.While in the sixth grade I had this math teacher that just wouldn't let me have my way, so I made her my target. I would go in her class and sit in the front and would be the loudest student in class. When she started teaching I would interrupt her by holding a conversation with another student because I had made up mind that I was going to take control of the class and she didn't matter. That's when I got more detentions and my behavior problem got worse. At this point I wouldn't listen to nobody no matter what but one thing for show I wasn't going to let my bad behavior stop me from learning, so I started finishing my work then interrupting the class. At this point I was one of the worst students and by the end of the school term the principle was tired of seeing me in his office. He decided to give...

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999 words - 4 pages was a runt, a trouble maker, and now they would think he was a coward,” (Oppel, 47). Shade is ready to give up his life for his actions so that the rest of the colony does not think he is a coward and resent him. He believes that the colony thinks he is a trouble maker and a runt and he would rather be remembered in a positive ways than live a life of misery. He feels that if he gives himself up, the rest of the colony would like him better and

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774 words - 3 pages if its maker had been afraid of making trouble? Making life means making trouble. Theres only one way of escaping trouble; and thats killing things. Cowards, you notice, are always shrieking to have troublesome people killed (1199). That was Mrs. Higgins talking to Liza. This comment that she made was definitely an aphorism. This is because she was making a wise observation on trouble in life. She is saying that all parts

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754 words - 4 pages I am diagnosed with ADHD when I look back at all I have accomplished. Years ago, I was the trouble maker in elementary school. Not an hour went by that I would get yelled at for not listening or doing something bad. Every other week I would be sent to the principal’s office for getting in trouble. If I was not in trouble at school, I was probably starting a fight at my daycare, Gulliver’s Travel. As a kid I would not want to listen or obey

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1106 words - 4 pages only was their conscience that made them similar, but also their identity. Ozzie and Jackie both found who they were in the two stories. Ozzie always believed he was just a trouble maker because that is what he always heard, but I knew he really was not a trouble maker. Ozzie did what he did for a purpose including going to the roof. Being on the roof helped him realize what was going on around him. It helped him realize who he was and what he was

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1648 words - 7 pages another young child with a gun and he said that you cant blame him. His dad , the media man, the singer of the song and the maker of the movie, who are all characters who’s jobs are their titles, movie maker, etc. all say that they’re not to blame as well. The narrative voice in “Cookie Jar” should be embarrassed to turn on the TV, because it truly is embarrassing to see what people in a western society now watch as

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1020 words - 5 pages stereotype is that they are not that smart and will be a trouble maker. This prejudice can hurt that student and even if that student was not a trouble maker, the prejudice and power that is put over this student could cause that student to give up on school and live a life of crime. That student can be as smart as anyone in a magnet school, but if that student is not given a chance to develop their intelligence, that talent will be wasted and nobody

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2206 words - 9 pages "Teacher Trouble"Hot ShotBy: Dianne SwensonSummary"Hot Shot" is a story about a boy named Rusty who lives in a reform school and who is well known as being a 'trouble-maker.' The only person who Rusty seems to listen to at all is his teacher Miss Cavelli. After Rusty gets in trouble in class, Miss Cavelli suggests to him that she help him become the 'hot shot' that she knew he was trying to be. She explained to him that if he was a real hot shot

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2445 words - 10 pages , meaning for every $1 they owned, they borrowed $44. At such a high leverage rate, where the typical ratio is about 20 to 1, somebody at Lehman should have spoken up to prevent this type of mismanagement of finances to occur. This brings to question, who allowed this to happen? Who were the decision makers? The answer is simple: last CEO of Lehman Brothers, Richard S. Fuld, Jr. A well-informed decision maker should understand the risks of each

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834 words - 4 pages father who had been exiled to Maryland from England for embezzling from the Post Office, Charles’s father unfortunately died when he was only 8. After this loss, Peale’s family moved to Chesapeake where his mother earned money as a dressmaker mother and Peale went to a charity school. 5 years later at the age of 13, Peale left the school and became apprenticed to a saddle maker where he proved he had an uncanny ability to excel at any task to

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1001 words - 5 pages employee makes, find out what he or she does in their free time and even find out what type of person they are without even talking to them. This is a real decision maker for a company looking for new people to get hired. Social media can also make or break an employee. If an employee writes a bad comment on social media about the company they work for, the employer can terminate an employee for poor conduct and bad mouthing the company, even if the

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691 words - 3 pages a total of twenty years in order to reach home because of encounters of the person, place, or thing. All of his flaws were from his temptation of trying things out because of his curiosity towards the object; wanting to know information of the object instead of focusing on getting home. He contributes only trouble that leads him to his defeat. The reader learns that Odysseus is nothing but a trouble maker to his crew because of the crew members

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1234 words - 5 pages & Ratcliff, 1993, p. 10).What is Decision Making?A decision is an allocation of resources. It can be likened to writing a check and delivering it to the payee. It is irrevocable, except that a new decision may reverse it.In the same way that a check is signed by the account owner, a decision is made by the decision maker. The decision maker is one who has authority over the resources being allocated. Presumably, he (or she) makes the decision

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1091 words - 4 pages his own father doesn’t even care about him, why should anyone else care about him? Obviously Ares is unable to stand toe-to-toe to his sister in battle, and is defeated many times by her, he is also unable to take care of himself, and therefore, he should not be considered a great Greek god. Another trait Ares should be the god of, but isn’t, is mischief. Ares is a very well-known trouble maker among the Olympians. He would constantly hook-up