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Diffusion Of Water Across Plasma Membrane Of Rbc's

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b.)Purpose- The purpose of this experiment is to understand diffusion osmosis.
c.)Hypothesis- Slide #1 blood only is isotonic, Slide #2 Blood plus .9% of NaCl is Hypotonic, Slide 3# blood plus 10% of NaCl is Hypertonic and Slide #4 Sheeps blood and dH20 is Isotonic.
a.)Equipment Used-

What we need for this experiment
0.9% NaCl
Filter paper
4 clean slides
10% NaCl
Wooden applicator stick
1 disposable mat
Sheeps blood
Disposable gloves

b.)Collection of Data-
Step 1: Make sure you have all of your supplies in front of you. Have all four slides labeled one through four.
Step 2(PART 1 & PART 2): PART 1: Each student takes ...view middle of the document...

Looks like circle dots all close together.
Slide #2
Blood and .9% NaCl
It's Stretching
The circle dots looks spreading apart.
Slide #3
Blood and 10% NaCl
Crenate/Crenation leaving
All different shapes of circles spread apart.
Slide #4
Blood and dH20
Evidence of too much water
See nothing at all

b.)Description of Data
Slide one there is only blood, it is Isotonic. There was no movement and diffusion does not exist. The appearance was circle dots all close together.
Slide two there was Blood and .9% NaCl, it is Hypotonic . The cells was stretching and it looked like circle dots spreading apart.
Slide three was blood and 10% Nacl, it is Hypertonic . It showed crenation and it was all different shapes of circles spread apart.
Slide four was blood and dH20, it is homolosis. Didn't see anything. Evidence of too much water.
IV. Discussion
a.)Support of Hypothesis
My Hypothesis was all supported except Slide #2 and Slide #4.
Slide #2 my hypothesis was hypotonic and it was unsupported, the result was isotonic. Slide #4 my hypothesis was isotonic and it was unsupported, The result was Hypotonic and it was supported because you couldn't see anything.

Slide one - blood only is isotonic, Slide two - Blood plus .9% of NaCl is Hypotonic, Slide three - blood plus 10% of NaCl is Hypertonic and Slide four - Sheeps blood and dH20 is hypotonic.


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