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“I firmly believe that more people than ever before will be afforded the opportunity to write and create, to find audiences, and engage in content-enhancing feedback loops that will enhance communication.” – Fred Stutzman, School of Information and Library Science, University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill
Digital conversations are dynamic content that can be forwarded to thousands, displayed to millions and can increase in value. Imagine that buyers had the ability to converse all over the planet in real-time. They had the ability to talk to other buyers in the world with similar resources with the only barrier being language and every transmission is displayed. That world is emerging today with more Digital Buyers coming on to participate increasing the value of their networks.

If what you have to say can break through the incessant noise by being more relevant and valuable, more people will be attracted to and will possibly contribute to a shared knowledge model. How does this fit into the world of the Digital Buyer? It removes unwanted risk and it may be the greatest brand reputation influencer introduced in the last twenty-five years. Meet them on the social media playing field and be a participant or be a victim of the inability to embrace a new medium for content co-creation.

If there is one thing that should make the classical marketer alter their view of the future, it is socialization of the buyers’ opinion or what has been called The Conversation. Providers should be attentive to social media. The more contributing Digital Buyers there are to these conversations, the less risk there is for all Digital Buyers. Providers may think they can be laggards in this effort, but if they desire growth, they really have little choice but to experiment now and start their own skill-gathering.

How social media impacts the buyer’s process

There are number of new books out right now on social media. This is obviously not a book on how the nuances of social media. We are chiefly explaining here how social media helps the Digital Buyer research especially during their Research Step. The best way to explain this is to compare the old model of how the provider communicated with the buyers to prop up their selling efforts. Notice the difference here. The seller was focused on using outbound, paid-for media buys to provide air cover for their sales effort. The change is that now organic and documented conversations are being used by all parties to help the Digital Buyer gain insight during their end-to-end buying process.

In the same way that organic search has more value to the searcher than paid search on Google, the organic conversation on the web has more influence on...

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